Jazz Time Slots

Jazz Time Slots is an RTG game offering. It is a 5-reel, 9-payline slot that you would surely enjoy playing at on of the best RTG casinos, at Bovada casino. The graphics are amazing and you would definitely enjoy the Jazz sounds. If you're a fun of Jazz music, download and play Jazz Time Slots today.

Jazz Time Slots Game

Jazz Time Slot has Jazz band symbols like the bass, drums, drums sticks, guitar, Hi hat, snare drum, saxophone, piano, trumpets, trombone and violin. The sounds and effects vary with each stage and with each combination appearing on the reels.

This RTG slot has the bonus feature and the progressive jackpot feature as well. The Jackpot symbol comes in an old-fashioned microphone. You can win as much as 10,000 coins if you win the jackpot. There are actually 28 winning combinations. The maximum bet is $225.

The coin sizes that the slot accepts are $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1 and $5.00. It can accept as many as 45 coins.

So, how do you play the game? First off, you need to select the lines that you would like to place your wager on. You can place a bet for a maximum of 9 lines per spin. After choosing your paylines, you would then press the Bet button so you can place your wagers for each line. Thereafter, you can press the Spin Reel button to prompt the software to start spinning. You win the round if you line up symbols on any of the 9 paylines. A drumstick, snare and hi-hat combination would win you a bonus.

Jazz Time Slots Bonuses

Jazz Time Slot has the Scatter Bonus and the Bonus Game. If you play the Scatter bonus, you can win a maximum of 350 credits. However, you would have to bet on the maximum lines first and place a maximum wager so that you'd qualify for the maximum bonus. So that you'd win the Scatter bonus, you should get a combination of a high hat, snare drum and drum stick.

You can also play the Bonus game which is triggered when you get at least three piano symbols. You'll have fun with the sound of the piano being played every time you land on a reel. In this session, you get to play each instrument that appears and you get corresponding credits for each instrument. The bonus feature ends when you play a bad note. The game is a coin-based game so you can convert your coins into credits by multiplying the number of coins by their denominations.