Red White and Win Slots

Slot machine has one of the most revolutionary games you would ever find in the online casino gaming industry. And you would agree because it has one of the widest arrays of games from three reels to seven reels or one to more paylines. Where else can you find a game that follows a theme based on the colors of the American flag? With Red White and Win Slots, this is exactly what the creators had in mind. Start exploring this progressive slots game and see how much fun it can really be.

Red White and Win Slots Proper

Playing Red White and Win is one game you won't tire of because of its user friendliness and excitement. The game comes with three reels which makes things all the faster to follow than most other multi-line slot games. Jackpots and other winnings are possible only with the center payline. What makes the game more engaging is the increased chance of winning provided by the wild symbol, Statue of Liberty symbol. And this wild symbol happens to be a winning symbol which automatically gives you a prize once it lands on any reel on the center payline.

The probability of winning a higher payout goes higher when you use a higher coin bet more than the minimum with the same winning combination. And the more coin bets you play gets you more opportunities to win. Bottom line is if you keep trying, it becomes highly probable you might win several times at this game.

Symbols to Love

Aside from the Statue of Liberty symbol, the only other symbol that could give you a payout should it land on any of the reels is the Bald Eagle. In fact it carries twice the credit for the Statue of Liberty symbol. These are only the lower prizes you'd want to see on your reels. If you want to get higher payouts, then watch our for three of the following symbols: Bills, Single Bars, Double Bars, Triple Bars, Sevens, Washingtons, Bald Eagles, Statues of Liberty and can you guess? Yes, the American flag. The prize incrementally goes higher as you read through each symbol mentioned.

Where to play Red White and Win Slots

Red White and Win is waiting for you now. No lines or wait list to be able to play because it's always ready to accommodate you at the most convenient opportunity. That's why there's no reason to miss this game unless you're one who's averse to too much money.

If you don't want to download casino software on your computer, you can play Red White and Win Slot no download version. Just click, choose if you want to play for real money or for fun and play NOW.