Admiral's Inn Slots

Admiral's Inn Slots

The Admiral's Inn is not a new slot game, nor is it complex. Quite to the contrary, it has been around Vegas Technology online casinos for a few years, but, despite that, it remains one of our all time favorite traditional style slot games. As is true of traditionally styled games, this one has three reels and a single payline.

The Look of the Admiral's Inn

When players first pull up Admiral's Inn, they are greeted with the masts of a square-rigged ship against a mottled gray sky. The pay table on the right side of the screen shows us the symbols used in this game, all done in the style of woodcuts, red printed on a stark white background. The colors used throughout this game are red, white and blue, but they are sparse, giving the game a cool, stark look.

The Admiral's Symbols

As mentioned, the symbols used are all rendered as simple, austere woodcuts, in red on a white background. The symbols, with the exception of Bars, are all reminiscent of eighteenth and nineteenth century age of sailing. The low end symbols include Log Books, Single and Double Bars and Hour Glasses. The higher level symbols include a Moon & Stars, Compass Roses, Sharks, Ships' Wheels and Anchors.

A single Anchor appearing anywhere pays double the player's bet back. That is the only special symbol - this game does not employ scatters or wildcards. The sounds are the basic white noise of a casino, interrupted by the whirrs, clicks and bells of machine noise when the game is in action.

The Admiral's Treasures

As is typical of Vegas Technology traditional slot games, the player has the option of establishing coin value on this one to denominations ranging from 10¢ to $10. Though there is only a single payline, the player has the option of betting up to three coins per spin making the maximum bet $30. This game is definitely most appealing to players searching for a moderate level of risk rather than the true high-roller.

The payouts range from a two coin purse for a single coin played, up to the jackpot of 1500 coins paid to a three coin play. The jackpot, if playing $10 coins is worth a generous $15,000.

Revel at the Admiral's Inn Tonight!

We have been playing Admiral's Inn close to three years, and it remains among our favorite traditional style slot games. Hidden behind its austere surface is a game with generous returns that keeps play fun for hours on end. This one may be found at Liberty Slots Casino. So get the reels spinning at the Admiral's Inn for real money tonight!