Who Wants To Be a Stallionaire Slots?

Who want's to be a Stallionaire Slots

One of the most interesting slot games among women "Who wants to be a stallionaire" is the actual British style slot machine which has great theme of a race track. Most of the video slots game enthusiasts love to play this game because of its excellent features. Especially designed to persuade the increasing demand for new interactive betting experience, who wants to be a stallionaire slot game is entirely equipped with testing skill elements and is full of several other features which can make the player win up to 20,000 coins. Stallionaire Slot is available at Microgaming software casinos.

What is it Who wants to be a Stallionaire

Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Slots is a Microgaming three reels, one pay line, and one coin slot machine game. The three reels screen display is such that the player can keep an eye on the most important bonus display above it, where the skills and luck come to play. Who want to be a Stallionaire is indeed a great fruit machine game which is brilliantly colored and designed with excellent graphics. The theme of horse racing is repeated all through the game with names like Nags to Riches, Gift Horse, Hold Your Horses, Nosebag, Bust the Bookie and lots more.

Symbols that Matter and Bonuses

In order to engage in the challenges of the game one has to possess excellent skills and of course luck which is an important factor. A player can lose or win Wedges, Holds and Nudges with which he can control and influence the game.The Nudge feature in the game of Who Wants to be a Stallionaire is casual and it enables the player to knock a reel in order to display the next symbol. A player can win up to four reel nudges and they can even hold, repeat or gamble the nudges. The Hold feature in this game is also casual and it offers the player to hold the next spin. This feature enables the player to hold around three reels in the same. In addition to these exciting features one of the special features is the Bonus, which is triggered by Gold, Silver and Bronze Lucky Horse Shoes that can offer the player a variety of multiple rewards. The Horse Shoe symbols are being added to the rack of lucky shoes according to their precise positions on the pay line. The feature of Lucky Shoe Bonus is casual and rewards extra horse shoes to the player.

The symbols of a Horse Shoe are added to the rack of lucky shoe during the game of a regular slot. This symbol of horse shoe is being displayed on the reels during any game of Who Wants to be a Stallionaire bonus feature and are not added to the rack of lucky Shoe. location for the subsequent spin.

Where to Stallionaire Slots

There are several casinos where one can play this slot game but we recommend only the best online casino brands: Ladbrokes Casino and All Slots casino. Players can play this game at Ladbrokes and win £100 free bonuse. All Slots casino offers real cash which can be obtain by a player which is around hundred dollars free for their first deposit of 25 dollars. So, start playing this game and enjoy all the benefits offered by Ladbrokes and All Slots.

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