Fruit Slots (Microgaming)

Fruit Slots (Microgaming)

Nowadays, you see a lot of slot machines with five (or even more) reels and twenty pay lines. The problem with such machines is that they're so common and you're bound to tire of them at one time or another. For a little variety and a blast from the past, you can try playing one of the great grand daddies of slot machines: the timeless Fruit Slot game.

Timeless Through and Through

In contrast with the five-reel games that are constantly being churned out by gaming companies today, Fruit Slots follows the old style of three reels. The vintage design, executed by casino pioneers Microgaming, makes sure that you have a fuss-free and straightforward gaming experience. You bet this many coins, you press spin and then you win. There's nothing to it.

Fruit Slots has just a single pay line for you to think of, thus giving you the most uncomplicated gaming experience possible. You get to play a game that's just like what they played back in the old days. Heck, your dad might even recognize the format if you showed him the game! There are no progressive jackpots, multiple pay lines or confusing combinations to think of. It's just pure, slots gaming fun!

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Fruity Fun

The rules are simple: get at least two of a fruit symbol to get a small payout. Three fruit symbols in a row will give you a modest amount of coins. The bar symbols begin getting you moderate payouts.

With Fruit Slots, the real jackpot lies with the Assorted Fruits symbol. Just two of them are enough to get you up to 75 coins. Getting three of them with a maximum bet, however, will get you a monster 2500-coin payout! No fuss, just fun and money! Depending on the casino, you can bet anywhere from a quarter to US$10, setting your maximum payout at $25,000.

Even if others out there will put down Fruit Slots by saying that it's too old or too simple, they probably just can't appreciate some antique amusement. It does away with all the accoutrements that have become the norm for contemporary slot machines while still offering the same kind of slot machine excitement.

Fruit Slots have been, are and will always be a classic slot machine game for all ages. Despite all the advancements and innovations in slot machines, Fruit Slots will remain an undying diversion that all slot machine enthusiasts simply cannot pass up.