Hot 7’s Slots

Combine one of the most popular online casinos with some classic but hot numbers and you have Hot 7's slots. The game with those traditional 7s and some high payouts was first released by Bovada, much to the delight of the penny-slot fanatics. Why not join them! The best feature of this game may be the graphics. Sure it's a classic, three-reel slot with one payline but this shouldn't keep you from trying to win a jackpot that can reach into the thousands of dollars.

Traditional Heat

Hot 7's is a 50-cent slot that takes you back to some of the old-school atmosphere. With a maximum bet of $2.50 this great game is in the price range of almost every player. Back in the late 19th century the creator of the one-armed bandit used fruit, numbers and a Liberty Bell as images on the reels. Hot 7's has many of those classic images, including 7's of red and blue, bells, cherries, lemons, plums, watermelons and stars. You might think you are in Las Vegas in the 1960s! Hot 7's slots is a rather easy game to learn and to play. The basic nature of the three-reels and on payline let you concentrate on winning, without searching through dozens of lines for combinations. Of course, you are trying to get three Hot 7's to collect the jackpot. (You have to bet max to win this.) It's possible to win up to 6,000 coins when you bet the maximum five and hit three 7's. That should be incentive enough!

Calling Old-School Players

If you are one of those players who longs for some of the old "feel" and "look" in your slot entertainment, this might be the game to try. Developers have designed this game to put a percentage of each bet into the jackpot that is won with three 7's. These great features in combination with sharp graphics and quick-and-easy play make the game very attractive. Hooking up with Bovada is easy enough. It took only a few minutes to get started on the practice mode. Switching to real-play is just as easy. We bet $2.50 and hit a $.750 winner immediately for getting one star symbol. Things really slowed down after that, though we did hit $7.50 a couple of more times in this session. But the classic images and simple nature of this game make it surprisingly pleasant to play.