Treasure Ireland Slots

There are loads of online casino games available at Jackpot Factory Casinos group ( powered by Microgaming) and recommended on this site, such as AllSlots Casino, First Web Casino and Big Flash Casino. Among them Treasure Island slot is the most popular and reputed game with very colorful and eye catching graphics and also reel feel sound. All this brings the pleasure of slot to your computer or laptop screen. Treasure Island is the newest pub slot as it was released on St Patrick's celebration day. Treasure Island slot game is not simple playing with one coin; you need to choose a proper bet amount which can make you win.

What is it Treasure Ireland Slots

Treasure Ireland slot game is of 3 reels of one pay line. The one coin which you put is filled with multiplier bonus. 500 coins is the maximum jackpot which is offered by Treasure Island slot game. 10 dollars is the maximum bet. There is chance of winning in any combination of symbols. Each and every payout is done by coins. Multiply the number of coins and the denomination of the coin for converting the coins into credit.

You can get the luck of Irish as you sign up for the thrilling cruise the crew of Irish clover leaf in fortune lounge's fun. Treasure Island slot game captures the UK 'pub' by using the excellent graphics and sound effects. By using the skill elements and player interactions you have a better chance to win.

Treasure Island Slots Bonus Game on the Second Screen

The Treasure Island bonus game is activated by 3 map symbols. This feature is played on second screen. The Treasure Island bonus is described as wheel of fortune; the prize is determined by spinning the wheel.

Treasure Island Slots Bonus Bonus Game on the Reels

On spinning the reel some random features are activated, like Nudge, hold, nudge repeat, bank held and Gamble nudge. This type of feature is known as 'Nudge' style or 'Hold' style. The hold style holds the next spin, when the other reels are re-spun. The nudge style will bump the reel and it will display the next symbol.

When the three reels has the same symbol within the reel window then the 3 in view features launches. This is made of 14 position lapper board & three shot pots. Moving around the Lapper is the main goal and there are many opportunities by rolling the fourth wheel. The fourth wheel has numbers from 1 to 12. There are unusual bonus prizes which are awarded by nouns squares. This game includes both skill and luck. There are many slot machines which need only luck, but this is totally different from them.

Where to Play Treasure Island

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