You Lucky Bastard Slots

If you have a good sense of humour and like "old-school" approach to reel gaming, then You Lucky Bastard Slot would be real fun and delight. The support software for You Lucky Barstard Slot is from Microgaming. This software was released in October 2007. The "You Lucky Bastard Slot" gives you a memorable gaming experience as it is brings out your skills and also your uproarious humour. This game has many good features that make it popular among the players.

You Lucky Barstard is available at All Slots Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, Sun Vegas Casino, Wild Jack Casino and Golden Riviera Casino

Features of You Lucky Barstard Slots

You Lucky Barstard Slots elements that make it popular include the following:
  • You Lucky Barstard have beautiful graphics and good sound system that is well co-ordinated. This makes playing this game an interesting and unforgettable experience.
  • Another feature is the bar symbols. This is a beautiful slot game, which would be well appreciated by all the fruit-type slot lovers.
  • The notable feature of You Lucky Barstard slots is that it is a 3 reel game with one pay line and one coin fruit machine.

  • You Lucky Barstard Slots have features like bonus game, multiple nudge and hold. It is required to get three black bar symbols in three consecutive spins to active your bonus game.

Something More about You Lucky Barstard Slots

You Lucky Barstard are a game of luck. The jackpot for the base game is 100 times the original bet. If you have the bonus game that is triggered when black bars appear on the pay line, you have the chance of winning up to 250 times the original bet amount. You can play with one coin per spin. One can play the game with a small amount of $0.10 per spin. The maximum can go up to $10 per spin.

The Nudge Features

In this luck game you can use the Nudge feature to nudge the next symbol in the reel. This feature helps to make a combination which increases the chances of winning the game. The player can use up to four nudges per spin. The nudge can be selected randomly. You can also store the nudges. This is done by clicking the Spin button. This helps in accumulating the four nudges for the next spin. However, if you do not use the nudges in the next spin, you will lose all the unused nudges. Since, it cannot be carried any further. Another notable feature is the Nudge Repeat. This feature can be selected randomly. This feature allows you to repeat the same amount of nudges that was used in the previous spin. The Nudge Gamble is the feature that allows you to gamble against the nudge. If you win, you get an additional nudge. Along with Nudge feature is another feature called the Hold. This feature allows the player to hold up to three reels. This helps in creating a winning combination. The reason is the reels that the players hold do not spin.

Where to Play You Lucky Bastard Slots

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