Iron Man Slots

Those that grew up reading Iron Man comics are going to love the graphics of the Iron Man Slots. The game, developed after the characters made famous by Marvel Comics, features all your favorite symbols and images as well as some outstanding bonus games and additional features. The game itself is a progressive slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines and also a free practice mode to allow you to try it out before wagering starts in earnest.

Symbols Of The Game

Since Iron Man has recently been made into a very successful movie series, you won't be surprised to see Tony Stark, his enterprise, the yacht, the hand laser, stacks of cash and a drink all symbols you will be familiar with. Matching three or more of these symbols across the five reels from left to right triggers and win and possibility even a jackpot or bonus game.

The symbols are animated and do some really cool things. The symbol of Tony Stark in the Iron Man costume actually flies when in a winning combination. The scatter symbol is the Iron Man logo.

Wagering Amounts

Tony Stark always played big and you should too. However, the game down allow for a minimum bet per spin of 0.01 and a maximum of $1000. The coin size can range from 0.01 though to $5. Playing all 20 paylines is highly recommended since the multipliers, free spins and wilds all pay out highest with the maximum bet amount.

3 Jackpots

The Marvel jackpot is the largest that jackpot and provides winnings of $5000 and up. Most winners will double this amount as their take home prize. The Super Hero Jackpot is next with a starting point of $500. The Hero jackpot is the smallest at $50, but it still makes a nice addition to your winnings and bankroll. These jackpots are similar to other progressive and set jackpots found at Bovada Casino and even those found on Jackpot Capital Casino slots.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is amazing with lots of graphics and very true to storyline play action. You have to help him find blueprints by blasting out windows of the building as he flies outside in his Iron Man suit. The Iron Man Slots aren't stingy on their chances; you do get five attempts to find the blueprints and the cash.