King Kong Slots

King Kong Slots

Kong just celebrated his 80 year reign as King of monsters. He has been immortalized in print and on screen. He has climbed to the top of the horror movie genre, to the top of the Empire State Building and now to the top of the casino as he stars in this exciting King Kong Bonus Slot Machine.

Join the Hunt

I wasn't kidding when I said that this is a game that matches the size King Kong himself. You can risk as much or as little as you want, all the way up to $500 a spin. And you can choose to play some, all or one of the 25 paylines. But remember, this slot is just like going into the jungle. You have a better chance of catching your prey if you have 25 sets of eyes and you have a better chance of making a winning combination if you play all 25 lines. But you never have to feel unprepared, if at anytime you want to change your bet, you can by making a simple adjustment on your screen.

Set off for Adventure

Once you ready, click SPIN and you spin off on an adventure that rivals the films. When you discover a winning combination, your winning lines will light up and the music of victory will sound. Watch for King Kong - at times his behavior will change. He may become livelier. It's something you'll have to see for yourself - this is why you joined the excursion - but a good hunter will be on alert and waiting to see what King Kong does. And keep your sound turned up - you don't want to miss a sight or sound.

Go Ape with King Kong Slots' Bonus Feature

It's understatement to say that the King Kong symbol is Wild. For one thing, it will substitute for any and all other symbols except the King Kong Smash Scattered Logo. But the King Kong symbol on the third reel will launch into the King Kong Goes Ape Bonus Feature. Now, ALL of the symbols on the third reel are Wild and even more Wild symbols may appear on the second and fourth reels as well. Your active pay lines are now re-evaluated and any prizes you win are paid out automatically at your current betting level. Keep your eyes on King Kong, the animation is excellent, but also keep your eyes on the prize. All of the bonus wins are the real star of this game.

Smash and Grab, King Kong Style

The movies never left King Kong in the jungle; and no King Kong Bonus Slot Game would be complete without a trip to big city. So be on the lookout for The King Kong Smash Scattered Logo, it will fall on all five King Kong slots reels. Get 3 or more King Kong Smash Scattered Logo symbols on consecutive reels and you trigger the King Kong Smash Bonus Feature. Climb up the Empire State Building with King Kong in this beautifully rendered Bonus Game, and help him smash the biplanes attacking him. King Kong appreciates your help and will reward you with a mystery prize.

Expertise the Epic

You don't have to have seen a single King Kong Movie to know who he is. This giant of cinema is brilliantly captured in the King Kong Bonus Slot Game. So whether you're an avid fan or not - this exciting and appealing bonus slot machine is a spin into the extra-ordinary. So don't let this chance to experience this colossal adventure, first hand.