Winter Gold Video Slot

Olympic fever is in the air and, besides watching the games on TV; you can become a participant in the new Winter Gold Video Slot game and experience the thrill of victory without worrying about the agony of defeat. The Winter Olympics have produced some of the most exciting competitions we have ever seen, but none can compare to the excitement you will feel when you enter the realm of the Winter Gold Video Slots featured at a Microgaming "venue" online. With its user friendly software, slot enthusiasts will love playing Winter Gold Video Slot and come away with the most sought after prize.

Welcome To Vancouver!

Winter Gold Video Slots is a 5-reel, 15-payline bonus video slot beautifully designed and executed as a tribute to the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. The symbols consist of contests such as: the Biathlon, Speed Skating (Go Apollo!), Bob Sledding, and Ski Jumping. The symbols are crisp and as razor sharp as the skates used in speed skating. With the gold, silver, and bronze medals as a backdrop; you will truly feel as if you have a front row seat as you play Winter Gold Slots. With 30 winning combinations, there are plenty of chances to attain that which you desire - the gold medal! In addition, this is the perfect competition for slot players on a budget because the coin size ranges from 1¢ to 20¢. The maximum bet is $60.

The Olympic Symbols

The Olympic rings are symbols recognized worldwide. In playing the Slot Winter Gold Video Slots, the four symbols are just as significant as they will advance you to the next round. The Winter Gold Logo is the wild symbol, and the Gold Medal is the scatter symbol. The Winter Gold Logo symbol does not substitute for the scatter symbol, and does not complete scatter winning combinations. The scatter symbol alone does not win, but pays out when it is scattered anywhere on the reels. Nonetheless, each of the four main symbols will garner you significant payouts. Get 5 Gold Medal symbols and win 400x your bet plus a chance to play the Bonus Wheel; get 4 scatters and win 20x your bet plus the bonus wheel; with 3 scatters, you'll win 3x your bet and spin the bonus wheel; and two scatters will pay you 2x your bet.

Playing for Gold

When you get 3 or more Gold Medal symbols, you will advance to the Gold Medal round called the Bonus Wheel. The Bonus Wheel gives you a chance to earn up to 20 free spins in which all winnings are multiplied up to 4 times during the free spins round. But wait! Don't claim victory yet! The bonus wheel also has a retrigger feature that will advance you further on the scoreboard to a victorious first place finish, winning as much as 18,000 coins!

Play Winter Gold Video Slots

Watching the Winter Olympics gives us all a sense of pride for the men and women who represented our respective countries. As the flame is extinguished, you can relive the same sense of excitement that you felt while watching the games. Sign-up today and become a part of the Olympic experience. Regardless of whether you win bronze, silver, or gold - just playing the Slot Winter Gold automatically gives you Olympian status. Play the new Winter Gold Video Slot and keep the flame alive!