Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth Slots

When the Rival I-Slots first appeared at online casinos, they were exciting and innovative because they were interactive. And that's the key word - interactive. Today, many casino software companies are finding that slot playing that includes communication among players, as well as interactivity, are two key elements players look for in an online casino.

To this end, Microgaming introduced a brand new slot game called Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth Slots. Combining interactive play with a virtual Wheel of Fortune bonus round has become the biggest draw for slot players. Players can reach a new level of slot play by creating their own avatar and chat with other players at the same time. A total of 6 players can play Wheel of Wealth Slots at one time, which gives each of them an opportunity win bigger bonuses by getting bonus multipliers during regular game play. All 6 players have a turn at spinning the Wheel, and all 6 player's winnings will be multiplied by the number they accumulated during regular game play.

This is an exciting innovation to the slot genre, and one that we think will continue to evolve over time. We tip our hats to Microgaming for giving players exactly what they are looking for!