Coral Reef Slots

Coral Reef Slots

Coral Reef Slots is a traditional style three-reel single payline slot game with an oceanic theme and appealing graphics contrived to keep players interested for hours on end. Though considered a simple "traditional" style game by Wager Gaming, in fact it is more a transitionary game, offering some interesting twists on the more conservative traditional games.

Examining the Reef

When first bringing up the Coral Reef Slots game, the player is faced with a view of a faintly murky reef tank with pretty colors and bubbles in the background. In the foreground there is the large and dominant Coral Reef logo. On the top left is the three pay reels with the single payline clearly identified.

As is typical on traditional slot games, the sounds are only the white noise of the casino punctuated by the whirrs, rings and rattles of an old style slot machine when the game is in action. This game is complex enough that it would have been nice to have some fishy burbles or splashing or some such, but the sound effects are well enough done that it does not detract from the game in any way.

A Reef-full of Symbols

The symbols used in Coral Reef are mainly traditional slot machine figures, though they are redesigned to work well with the ocean theme. On the low end there are single and double bars. Then there are traditional lucky sevens are the next step up the ladder and at the high end is represented by either the Coral Reef logos or the stylized gold octopus. In addition, numerous scallop shells in green, pink and blue show up, but those are just placeholders, and they are worth nothing.

Treasures of the Coral Reef

As with most traditional style slot games, the player may set the coin values on Coral Reef to denominations ranging from 10¢ to $10, and up to four coins may be bid per spin. With a maximum bet ranging from 40¢ to $40, it is a tops out a bit higher than most traditional games, but it is still not in the range of the real high-roller. This game will appeal most to players seeking a moderate level of risk.

The big jackpot on Coral Reef is 2000 coins, which, while generous, is not extraordinary in traditional slot games. The lucky sevens and the logos, however, are the next two levels of big winners, and, unlike most single line games, these may be arranged straight across the pay line or in diagonals from left to right or from right to left. At this point, Coral Reef is playing more like a very simple multi-line style slot game. In our experience this transitionary style is unique to Coral Reef slots.

The 2000 coin jackpot translates to $200 at the dime level of play, or to a whopping $20,000 when playing $10 coins. This big pot may be won by three octopuses in a straight row across the payline, or by a diagonal of Coral Reef logos, doubling the opportunity to hit it big!

Play Coral Reef Slots Now!

This is a fun and unusual game. It is super easy to play, and the combinations are a really nice step, simpler than true multi-line games, but more interesting than most traditional style games. So log on to Liberty Slots Casino and give Coral Reef Slots a try tonight!