Marvelous Marlins Slots

Are you tired of playing the same old kind of slots day in and day out? Visit one of the best online casino brands, Liberty Slots Casino, download casino software and play very interesting casino games. Here is on of them - Marvelous Marlins Slots. Let the Marvelous Marlins lead you the way to a fresh new slots experience, and a big jackpot while you're at it!

Marvelous Marlins Slots A Class of Its Own

While it's almost expected of Wager Gaming to come up with really good three-reel traditional slot, the Marvelous Marlins slot game sets itself apart in more ways than one. Aside from its vivid blue-green and cerulean blue background that impressively simulates the open waters, the Marvelous Marlins game has a unique set of mechanics.

You're probably used to the common slot game rules where there are one or more pay lines where special combinations have to appear for you to win. There's no such thing in Marvelous Marlins. Instead, you just wait for the Marlin symbol to appear because it certainly pays when it does! Aside from the Marlin, the Marvelous Marlins game has three other symbols - the Yellow Fish, the Green Fish and the Purple Octopus - but none of the three are as beautifully detailed (or as lucrative) as the Marlin.

Marvelous Marlins Symbols

There's only one winning symbol in the Marvelous Marlins game - the Marlin, as you've probably already deduced - and it can pay when it appears on any of the three pay lines. You just have to make sure that all the pay lines are activated: one coin (the basic bet) activates the bottom pay line, two coins activate the middle pay line as well, and three coins will activate all three pay lines.

When one or more Marlin symbols come up on an activated pay line, you just have to count them to figure out how much you won. If you'll check out the Marvelous Marlins payout table, it indicates that the game pays out 9 coins for every Marlin on the middle pay line with a 3-coin bet. If, for example, you get two Marlin symbols on the middle pay line with a 3-coin wager, you get 18 coins back. That's how it works for the entire pay table, so long as you have the right pay lines activated. How's that for easy money?

Where to play Marvelous Marlins Slots

The Marvelous Marlins slot game provides you with an experience that's not only profitable but unique and novel as well. The game mechanics are one-of-a-kind and they can make for some really big payouts! Let the Marvelous Marlins point you in the direction of a jackpot today!