Diamond Dozen Slots

Diamond Dozen is a nice play on words from 'dime a dozen', and when you download and play this slots machine on the Bovada Casino you'll love trying to find the real diamonds and line them up for a prize.

How many reels and paylines are involved in this slots game?

You'll instantly notice five reels in play here and there are twenty paylines to play at most. You can select anything from one to twenty paylines to bet on in order with each spin.

What is the minimum amount you can wager on a single payline?

This game is great for those with smaller budgets as the minimum wager is just one British penny per payline. This is then multiplied by the number of paylines you want to bet on.

What is the maximum amount you can bet on one spin?

The biggest amount you can bet on a single payline is five pounds. And once again you must remember to multiply this by the number of paylines you want to bet on. Since there are twenty in all you've got a maximum bet of £100 to consider.

Most people prefer playing a smaller line bet and playing more paylines instead.

Do you need to watch out for diamonds?

Yes you do - this slots game is called Diamond Dozen after all. Keep an eye out for the white diamonds as these act as substitutes for most of the other symbols in the game.

For instance four roses would win you fifty credits, but five would win you three hundred credits. So if you had four roses and a white diamond appearing in a pattern you had bet on, you'd get the prize for five roses.

Three white diamonds could also win you another prize as they bring up the Diamond Delight round to play.

Are there blue diamonds as well?

Yes there are - and these count no matter where they fall on the screen as they are scatter symbols. You can win up to one hundred credits if you get five of these on the screen at the same time.

Diamond Dozen is a delight to play

It definitely is - you can look for attractive women, handsome men, purses, roses and diamonds as well. And when you line up the right symbols in the right combination you could win a nice prize to close the game with.