Bonkers Slots

Sometimes it can seem as if every online slots game has five reels and countless different paylines to wager your money on. But if that isn't what you want there are still some great slots machines available to play that go back to basics. Try downloading and playing Bonkers slots today to see what we mean!

Why is this version a basic slots machine?

It is basic because it only consists of three reels and a single payline. As such the only choice you have to make is how much you want to bet with each spin. You don't have to worry about deciding how many paylines you want to bet on.

What are the minimum and maximum bets you can play with?

This game is good for those with both smaller and larger budgets, because there is quite a range between the low and high bets. You can start off with a small one cent bet and move up to a maximum of ten dollars if you wish.

Is the game user friendly?

Yes it is - the whole screen looks like a traditional slots machine you would see in a real life casino. As such you will see the reels and the buttons below them, laid out as you would expect to see them.

In addition to this you have the pay table above that so you can see what you could win if you match up any of the combinations listed there.

What exactly is Bonkers?

You're probably wondering where the name of this particular slots machine comes from. The answer is that one of the symbols is labeled as Bonkers.

If you get one or more of these you get something in reward. For example if you get one Bonkers icon you will receive a payout of as many as three coins. Depending on how many Bonkers symbols you line up, you could get up to nine coins.

Go for re-spins that pay dividends every single time

There are free re-spins on offer too for two or more Bonkers symbols. And this is what players love - because those spins don't just give you the chance to win something. They are guaranteed to win you something every time.

This is one of the reasons why this simple but enjoyable slots machine is one of the favorites for many online players today. Will it be your favorite too?