Luxury Liners

Luxury Liners are not a thing of the past but many years ago before air travel reached its peak, the main way to travel around the world was by boat. As a result of this many companies invested in luxury boats which became known as ocean liners. These luxury ocean liners were top notch with everything from swimming pools to cinemas, poker rooms and more on board. Today you can still find many different ocean liners on the seas but they are more commonly known as cruise ships and each one is more luxurious than the next. This three reel single slots game gives you a glimpse of the original smart and enormous ocean liners that sailed the high seas.

Play With One, Two or Three Coins per Spin

In this single payline three reel slots game you can place bets ranging from $0.01 per coin size up to $10 with a number of different options in between. You have the choice of placing a single coin bet, two coins per spin or three coins per spin which is the maximum coin bet possible. Apart from the grand luxury ocean liner the other symbols in the game are taken from the standard slots games repertoire and include sevens, bars of single, double and triple levels and cherries. Each and every symbol has a value and when two or more land on the winning payline you stand to win different amounts. The largest payout that can be achieved when playing Luxury Liners is 2500 coins which are awarded when you land three of the luxury liners on the payline when you have placed a three coin bet. Luxury Liners slots allows you to place single, double or triple coin bets for each of the coin size options offered. The second largest payout is awarded when you have bet two coins and land three of the luxury liners on your screen, the payout is 1000 coins and for a single coin bet with three luxury liners, the payout is 500 coins.

Skill Stop and Play for Fun Options

In this slots game you can also enjoy the skill stop option which gives you the opportunity to hit the stop button on the screen which will stop the reels immediately. Luxury Liners slots game can be played for fun or practice where you can get to know the game and enjoy the serene and beautiful ocean scene. Playing the real money version of this slots has its obvious benefits and is thoroughly enjoyable.