Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine Slots is a great classic slot brought to players by Wager GamingTechnology, a leader in the online casino software industry. It's a 3 reel, progressive slot with classic symbols and a progressive jackpot opportunity. Perfect for the player who needs a break from complicated multi-line slots, Mega Money Mine offers simplicity and ease of play to all players.

How to Play Mega Money Mine Slots

Unlike multi-line slots, Mega Money Mine slots come with one coin size, which happens to be $1.50. This is how much a player can pay to play this game, with $4.50 being the maximum bet possible per spin when players bet the max of three coins per line. Since there is only one payline, there is no need to choose how many paylines you'll be playing either. So, before you start simply familiarize yourself with the symbols and payout schedule to ensure you understand which combos will pay and what they'll pay. Then simply spin and wait for your big win to come in!

As an update, before the November 2008 update of this slot players had to bet the max of 3 coins per spin to qualify for the progressive jackpot opportunity, with three Mega Money Mine symbols getting them the big win. If they played less than 3 coins and got the three Mega Money Mine symbols they would instead simply win 500 or 1,000 coins, respectively.

However, the new update has changed this rule. Those who only bet 1 or 2 coins and then land the three Mega Money Mine symbols can win a percentage of the progressive jackpot. With two coins, 30% of the jackpot is awarded and with one coin, 15% of the jackpot is awarded. Of course, if you bet the max of three coins and land the three Mega Money Mine symbols you will still win the entire jackpot, like previously.

Mega Money Mine Slots Symbols

Mega Money Mine Slot symbols keep with the classic slot tradition by offering players the chance to land sevens, cherries, bars, diamonds, golden bars, pots with gold or spades.

Play Mega Money Mine Slots Today

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