Mah Jong Madness Slots

Mah Jong Madness Slots

Here is one of the most popular slots among women Mah Jong Madness! With the addition of more players into the slot machine gaming field, expect the online casino industry to step up to the challenge of mixing things up a bit with more choices and perks than ever before. Mah Jong Madness comes at a time when players have grown tired of playing the same reels and looking up the same symbols all the time. The time has come to try something different and as Oriental as Mah Jong Madness. Don't be left behind with this game and see how exciting it can be with its multiple paylines that can leave you holding your breath for a long time. We recommend to play Mah Jong at Liberty Slots Casino. Mahjong Gold info:

Mah Jong Madness Slots - Buttons to Play

The game comes with 5 reels and multiple paylines numbering up to 21 for each round. Players have the option of choosing how much bet they want and which paylines to enable. The game is all too easy to play that ignoring the urge to play is out of the question. All players need to do is the pick the coin bet they wish to play first by increasing or decreasing the value according to one's preferences and bankroll. Then, it's time to pick the number of paylines to enable with the chosen bet size and then it's all down to spinning the reels. If you plan to stop the reels in mid-spin, this option is also possible. Betting on the maximum coin bet and paylines can be done with a single click of the mouse too.

Mah Jong - Payout Table

The payout table lists all possible winning symbol combinations for you to view. And if you've been playing Mah Jong for some time now, you will find that the symbols are the same ones you see on the game where this slot machine was patterned from.

Get no less than five times your coin bet back with at least two of the five circles and red dragon symbols. Same payout applies to at least three of the same orchid and spring symbols. That is the lowest payout one can get from the game. Think five green dragon symbols and that's a whooping 2,500 credit multiplied to the coin bet. Watch out too for four bamboos and character three symbols for payouts from ten times to 250 times of one's coin bet.

Stop wondering and start playing Mah Jong Madness right this second and see the coins jumping back to your account.