Sumo Slots

Get a taste of Japanese sumo wrestling tradition in the bonus slot machine game called Sumo. It has 5 reels but unlike other slot machine games, a player can bet up to 25 paylines which extends the fun to 5 more paylines compared to other games. This means more fun and more excitement where the reels spin continuously with more repetitions than most other games over the Internet today. Sumo Slot is offered by Liberty Slots Casino where user-friendly software has slick graphics and sounds, the game is available in both the Flash and Download Version.

Sumo Game Rules

The game Sumo involves playing multiple paylines which makes the chances of winning better. What many players should watch out for is Sumo wrestler symbol which can also be used to replace other non-winning symbols for a combination. The only exception to this would be the Scatter symbol - the Trophy. When the reels come to a stop, the combination of symbols will be checked for possible payout. Should a payline happen to get two or more possible winning combinations such as in wild symbols, the higher payout will be credited to the player's account. In rare cases, the game may malfunction and the payout in this case will be automatically voided.

How is the payout calculated? The winnings depend on the combination which lands on the activated payline and the coin bet amount wagered at that time. The payout table provides the values for the multipliers for winning combinations outlined on it.

Sumo Slots Bonus

Continue to be entertained by the exquisite graphics of the game but more than that, get ready to get transported to the bonus game once you get three scatter symbols on any of the 5 reels at the very least. The main slot game will be replaced by the bonus round where all usual buttons are disabled to make way for the game. And if you're wondering if you need to bet on all paylines to be eligible for this round, then you're wrong. You're on for so long as the bonus symbols show on any activated payline according to the rule mentioned early on.

Inside the bonus round, a ring with 9 Trophy symbols will show which the player must select. By doing so, each click will reveal the prize behind the symbols which are added up until the last trophy's value is shown. This is a sure win bonus round for a player who happens to get into this.

See for yourself how far you can go in terms of prizes and credits from Sumo. Ready to Play and to win?