Bowled Over Slots

Bowled Over is a spectacular new i-slot game from Rival with a beautiful and excellently finished retro-bowling theme. The game is smooth, easy to use and, in addition to great visual design, it has a nice sound design too, making it unusual in the online slot world. This is a game that we can unabashedly recommend for both hardened veterans of the slot game world and the least experienced newbie - overall, it is an awesome game!

Look of the Alley

When players bring Bowled Over up, they are met with a great, animated splash screen. There are the sounds of crashing bowling pins and a cartoon bowler, who will serve as a symbol in the game as well. When the splash video is over, the player moves onto the main play screen. This is a very neat design, with a general bowling alley theme. The theme is carried over to the reel backgrounds that remain steady and look like inlaid wood bowling alleys. Despite the use of the card indices, the design is very smooth and high-tech, and it has an excellent finish to it.

Bowling Symbols

On the low end, the symbols are well designed card indices ranging from 9 through Ace - though not creative, they are nice renderings that do not detract from the game at all. The higher end images are all original cartoon-like images: they are Bowling Shoes, Snacks, Pins, a Bowling Ball, and a Male and a Female Bowler.

The rack of Pins shows up only on reels one or two, and it serves as the wildcard. When it comes up, it replaces all the symbols on the reel on which it is on, so every combination benefits from the presence of the wildcard. This means that all the combos also benefit from the 2x multiplayer that comes into play with the wildcard.

The scatter symbols are the Female Bowler and the Bowling Ball. When the Female Bowler comes up three times anywhere in the field of play, the player is rewarded with free spins. If she comes up three times, the player gets 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, if she comes up four times, the player gets 20 free spins with a 3x multiplier, and if she shows up five times on the screen, the reward is a whopping 40 free spins with a 4x multiplier! This is a place where the winnings really rack up.

The other scatter is the Bowling Ball, and when it comes up three times the Bowling Bonus Round is triggered. In this round a genuine videogame style bowling game is played, and coins are awarded based on the number of pins hit. Skillful players can play a full ten sets if they keep getting strikes!

Bowling Bucks

Coin values here may be set to denominations ranging from 1¢ to 25¢. There are 20 bettable paylines here, and each line will accept up to 10 coins, so, betting all lines may cost as little as 20¢ or as much as $50, making this game most appealing to those looking for a low risk or a modest level of play. High rollers will want to find their thrills elsewhere.

The maximum jackpot on this game is won by five male bowlers lining up, and it is worth 3000 coins with maximum coins being bet. But, if a wildcard comes into play, the 2x multiplier will make this into a generous 6000 coin pot.

Bowl a Few Frames Now

Our overall impression of Bowled Over is that it is an elegant and well designed game that is a true pleasure to play. The low limits are in our budget, and the interaction and the look and feel of the game are just right. We love the Bowled Over Bonus rounds, and they come up often enough to keep you hooked.

Put on your comfortable bowling shirt, grab a pizza and some brews and play Bowled Over for real money now! It is a great way to spend an evening.