Summer Dream Slots

Summer Dream Slots

If you want to download and play slots games with a summer theme, you can't do much better than the Summer Dream slots game at the Bovada Casino. You can read more about Bovada, but meanwhile let's see what this slot game has in store for us.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This particular game is slightly unusual because it has a massive thirty different paylines in total. It has five reels as well, so you can see there are plenty of different combinations to win with.

What kind of money can you bet on it?

You can bet from one to thirty credits per coin, and there is a maximum of five coins per bet. You also need to multiply this per line as well, so if you play the maximum number of thirty paylines, your total bet would amount to 150 credits.

What symbols are in play?

This is a summer themed game, so you will see various different beach girls, beach balls, summery drinks and a lot more besides. The whole game is housed in a beach hut too, giving you plenty to look at and enjoy while you play.

Does it have any substitute or scatter symbols?

There is a wild symbol which is the same as a substitute. This is easy to spot because the word 'wild' appears on it. It won't stand in for the symbols mentioned below, but it can help all other symbols form winning lines for you.

Watch out for the Shoppy Cheer and Summer Girls symbols as well as these trigger different games for you to play as part of the experience. There isn't a scatter symbol as such, but as you can see the game has plenty of other delights to look forward to instead.

Can you play the game for free?

Yes you can - you won't be eligible for any prizes if you do but if you want to see how things work you can get started like this and then start playing for money later on.

Try Summer Dream slots now and see if you can trigger the bonus rounds!

The bonus games are just two of the delights that await you when you try this game out for real. Why not download and try it now to see how lucky you can be? It could be the best decision you make.