Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino is a renowned and long established online casino. The casino was first launched in 1974 and has gone on to become the 16th largest online casino in the UK. Bet365 is powered by Playtech and offers a very user friendly lobby area as well as a multitude of games which includes; slot machines, poker, roulette and blackjack.

Slot Machines

Some of the best online slot machines can be found at Bet365 Casino. They offer a range of 3 and 5 reel slot games. The casino features some of the newest 5 reel slot games, which includes; Penguin Vacation, Rocky and Banana Monkey.

Play Penguin Vacation Slots now!Penguin Vacation - this is an exciting and colourful 5 reel slot game with 20 pay lines and a winter theme. The game has cartoon like graphics with symbols such as penguins in hats and loud shirts, penguins sliding down a shoot, a fishing float and a fish lollipop. Match 3 of the scatter symbols, which is the 'fishing float' symbol and the bound round is activated. During the bonus game players must fish for their prizes and they start with 8 free games and a x2 multiplier, but the bonus game allows them to fish for additional free games and multipliers, which could amount to 33 free games and a x15 multiplier!

Play Rocky Slots now!Rocky - everyone knows Rocky and has seen the many films about this boxing superhero. Now Bet365 Casino allows everyone to enjoy the roar of the crowds as they battle it out in winning rounds, edging ever closer to the final knockout with its impressive jackpot. The Rocky slot game is a 5 reel and 25 pay line video slot machine. The game features its own special knockout bonus round, plus a x5 multiplier if a ROCKY letters are displayed on the reels.

Play Banana Monkey Slots now!Banana Monkey - as the name suggests, this slot game is based around a rather cheeky monkey who needs to collect bananas. This is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot game with fantastic graphics and a bright and cheery jungle theme. The game has a progressive jackpot bonus game, where players must guide the monkey up a series of trees to collect bananas which contain money prizes.


Bet365 Casino offers a very welcoming 100% match bonus for all initial deposits that are up to £100. They also accept all major credit cards and paypal for players to deposit their money. One of the current promotional games featured at the casino is called Heads or Tails, which gives players a great chance to win money simply by flicking a virtual coin and correctly predicting how the coin will fall. Another great incentive for choosing Bet365 Casino is its fantastic customer service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with incredibly friendly staff that will always offer help to all of their customers. Bet365 Casino does not currently except US players, but it still remains one of the best online casinos today.