Blue Lagoon Slots

How does a day at the beach with a sparkling turquoise blue ocean sound? And what if that beach was strewn with every sort of seashell, and some of them were worth serious money? That is the theme of Blue Lagoon, a fun, easy-to-play slot game from Wager Gaming Technology. Though a traditionally styled game, with all the features that a player might find on a mid-70s era slot machine in Las Vegas, it is a pleasant looking game and, as we have come to expect from Wager Gaming products, it works perfectly and smoothly.

Exploring the Lagoon

When new players log onto Blue Lagoon they will find that they are faced with a refreshingly simple play screen. The reels are located at the top left, and below is a translucent turquoise ocean with the Blue Lagoon graphic and a conch shell. On the right side the extremely simple paytable is permanently fixed, as is typical on traditional style games. On this super-simple game, that is really all that is required! The sounds used on Blue Lagoon are the standard white "casino" noises when the game is not in action, and when it is, the typical rattles, whirrs and rings of a slot game come into play. Given the overall simplicity of this game, that is perfectly appropriate, and does not detract from game play at all, though, frankly, after a few minutes, we muted the game and put the stereo on.

Lagoon Symbols

There are several symbols used in Blue Lagoon, all reminiscent of the sea, but the only one that counts for anything is the Scallop Shell. The Starfish, Sea Horses and Flounder all lend to the oceanic look, but the only symbol that pays is the scallop, so that is what players will be looking for.

Treasures of the Lagoon

There are no wildcards, multipliers or bonuses in Blue Lagoon, so play is ultra-simple. Coin values may be set by the player to values ranging from 10¢ up to $10, again, as is typical of Vegas Tech traditional style slot games.

The symbol of choice in this game is the Scallop Shell, and when it comes up, the player gets money! A single scallop shell appearing anywhere on the reels, not necessarily on the payline, gets double the player's bet back. When three show up on the payline, the 2500 coin jackpot is paid. If playing at the modest 10¢ level, which amounts to a tidy $250 jackpot, but if playing at the $10, it amounts to a generous $25,000!

Visit the Lagoon Tonight

Blue Lagoon is the simplest of the simple games. It does what it does so very well, however, that it makes an excellent respite from more complex slot and table games. We found that we were playing Blue Lagoon for an hour before we even realized it! So choose your favorite Liberty Slots Casino and play Blue Lagoon Slots for real money tonight!