The Winner Takes It All!

The Incredible Hulk Slots (Playtech)

How many times have you personally witnessed someone hitting a slot jackpot at a land-based casino? Perhaps not many, right? Or maybe you hit a slot jackpot and couldn't wait to tell you family and friends about it! Well, Winner Takes it All is about video clips of actual winners who won on slot games at land-based casinos. The exhilaration and excitement is brought to you, up close and personal, as you view these amazing wins! Ladies Slots invites you to sit back, relax, and view the footage of some of the highest payouts ever recorded on video! Take note of the slot machine names as well, because you too can be the recipient of a jackpot win and land a place on our Winners Take It All page!

If you want to see what a Wheel of Fortune Jackpot looks like at a land-based casino, take a gander at You Tube. This progressive jackpot was hit for over $800,000 on the Mega Jackpot Super Spin Wheel of Fortune. As you can see, the center line has 5 Wheels displayed across the board, and it's as though the wheels are spinning in delight! Ladies Slots congratulates the winner who, after this amazing win, uttered these important words to live by when playing slots: Always Bet the Max!

Heavenly Reels

You know the old saying, "I thought I died and went to heaven?" Well, one lucky lady was uttering those same words when she hit the Heavenly Reels Slots jackpot worth an amazing $198,000! Watch this video closely and marvel at the 3D graphics that brought this incredible win to fruition.