Top-rank software, industry experience and an excellent bonus program made CasinoTV at the head of the online-gambling pack

CasinoTV: Bonus Kicks it up a Notch

Not until very recently (2006) could players enjoy live roulette and live blackjack without going to a "live" casino. Of course, many Web sites have gradually added full-motion video and crisp audio to enhance the experience. This is certainly true with CasinoTV. Most people who have tried their hand at online roulette, blackjack, slots or craps have come to expect smooth operation, crisp graphics and easy deposit/withdrawal from their favorite casinos. But Webcast and TV broadcast formats for the discriminating casino player, with live dealer chat and a top bonus offer?

It's true. At Casinotv players will find they can play Live Roulette and Live Blackjack and have the opportunity to "interact with live croupiers (dealers)." If that isn't enough to draw new players in, there is a generous bonus plan associated with Live Roulette (100 GBP). *One key requirement - play through the "initial deposit 40 times." This is not absolutely unique but it's true that many Web-based casinos don't include roulette as a bonus qualifier. If they do, the percentage is very small.

So, who or what is CasinoTV?

Billed as "the first sophisticated online/on-air gaming site," the company features "live streaming and television programming" from a top-shelf studio. The company behind the site, Hi2, endeavours to offer online gamblers with the same quality they would get from cable and broadcast television. At first glance, Hi2 and the staff have accomplished this task. The video is remarkably clear and the roulette action is as close to "live" as players are likely to get without driving somewhere.

A significant part of the Web site's audience will enjoy the visual stimulation and the live interaction, since the program design is focused on remarkably attractive young women. But this doesn't mean the site should be dismissed as a flash-in-the-pan or a marketing gimmick. Far from it, actually. The parent company has been in the interactive-television industry for more than a decade. Hi2 is credited with creating the "first-ever live roulette TV show in the world." The croupiers are well-trained in conducting enjoyable roulette and blackjack, adding yet another element of true, live gambling.

With Living Gaming Technology behind the operation and licensing through the Isle of Man, this site will most likely stay at the head of the class in live-streaming online entertainment. The company has some capable hands on the reins. Several members of the management team bring decades of experience in gaming and in television. CasinoTV is one of a handful of sites also offering video chat as part of its customer-service program. Clients can also monitor the studio activity "in real time." Trimark, one of the leading developers of gaming software, provides the power behind the action.