China MegaWild Slots

China Megawild Slots is a fantastic 5 reel 20 payline slots game that uses wilds and multipliers to make the game even more exciting with extra special chances to win. As the name implies, China Megawild slots is a slots game that oozes the ancient Chinese culture. Set on a picturesque background of colorful trees and Chinese gardens, the reels offer plenty of chances to win.

Rich Chinese Culture Reappears in Slots Game

Amongst the colorful spinning reels you can find many Chinese symbols which hint at the rich culture of one of the largest nations in the world. There are cuddly panda bears, tigers and tiger lilies, ancient Chinese coins and even Chinese lanterns which are beautifully decorated in bright colors. One of the most attractive features of this colorful game is the smooth working of the reels whether you are playing for fun or for real money, the reels spin smoothly and efficiently. At most casinos you can choose to download the game to your own computer or play a flash version directly from the casino web browser.

Megawild Triples Your Chances to Win

When playing China Megawild slots, look out for the Chinese girl in her traditional costume. If she appeared on your screen anywhere where a win has been claimed, i.e. at the end of the win, then your winnings are doubled, in other words she is a multiplier. Look out for the wild dragon who not only acts as a substitute for other symbols to make up a winning line but when it appears on reel 3 can turn in to a megawild symbol. The megawild symbol takes up all of the 3rd reel giving you not just one chance of using the substitute and increasing your winnings but giving you 3 chances. This mega wild lasts for one spin only

Easy to Use Auto Spin Feature

If you want to play China Megawild slots but can't find the time, then don't worry. You can always take advantage of the auto spin feature which lets you choose how many spins you want the game to spin for and then you can go off and do something else and come back to the game when the spins are finished. You can choose up to 50 spins at one time and remember that you can stop these automatic spins at any time. Placing bets is easy and you can choose from a number of different coin sizes depending on your budget, with 20 different paylines to choose from and more than one coin per payline, China Megawild slots is a game that is open to every type of player. Nothing beats a bit of Chinese culture and when you have the chance for some megawild slots with it, you can't go wrong.