Magical Forest Slots

Magical Forest is the very first game available in 3D released by games and exclusively available here. The 3D effects can be experienced simply with 3D glasses much like other 3 dimensional movies. The sounds effects of this game are magical and mysterious as you wonder what is lurking through the trees. The graphics in the background are detailed and the symbols have been ingeniously crafted to fit in with the theme. The 3D animation is spectacular and you really feel part of the game as the symbols bounce out at you and rotate in their reels.

What magic lies beneath the surface?

The game has 5 paylines and a fixed coin size of 25c. The minimum bet is 25c and activates just the centre line while playing all lines costs only $1.25 per spin. Click the rock that says 'select lines' to bet fewer than 5 lines of 'bet max' to spin on all 5 lines. The game by default starts in 3D but can be played in 2D by clicking the top right hand corner.

The hunt for the Sorcerer's ring

The top paying symbol is the High Sorcerer's emerald ring that is believed to turn stone into gold. This heavily jeweled ring multiplies all the winnings by 5 if there is one on the reels. Find two of these rings will pay out your winnings 25 times. This is also the jackpot symbol and pays out 9,000 coins on the 5th payline only. Therefore to win the top amount it is imperative to play the max bet. The emerald ring has a pay structure separate to the rest of the game and each line pays out a different amount for the jackpot combination. The rings also pay out for two on a line.

The mushrooms are said to be magic too. There are two variations and found in threes they deliver some magical powers to keep the game going. The purple berries and log bars are going to keep you going in your search for the emerald ring. The berries pay out for one, two or three on a line and the log bars, which come in singles, doubles and triples, pay out for a collection of any three.

Get a magical boost

The true magic of the slot is in its simplicity and how a game can completely engage you and pull you in making it unique and entertaining. The first of its kind it is bound to start a revolution in online gaming. Download the software to experience more games such as this with other 3D elements and the live dealer in the software. games include many favorites such as Hulk, the Fantastic Four and Monopoly, a popular board game. all of these are include when you download the software or play them using adobe flash player in your browser.