Orient Express

Orient Express Slots

In November 1999 Vegas technology released one of its most popular video slot games: Orient Express. And like a good wine, it has just been getting better ever since (with time).

The Orient Express Video Slot Game

It is obvious from the name that the Orient Express has an Oriental theme, with fun symbols representing the Gong, Junk Boat, Kung Fu Girl, Money Tree, Money pouch, Tiger and Red Dragon. This last symbol plays a big part in the game as the top Jackpot can be won only with the Red Dragon. The graphic design of each symbol is very intricate, but they are easily distinguished from each other. You will not have any problem reading the results.

How to Play the Orient Express Slot Game

Orient Express Slots uses 5 reels, and is a 21 pay line game with a jackpot of 2500 coins. This video slot game is open to everyone, and not just the high roller as the minimum bet is a mere $0.01, and the maximum is $10.00. It is a straight up fun game that is easy to play. There are no scatter symbols, or wild cards. That means that the player does not have to remember complicated pay tables. There are no bonus games, free spins, or a progressive jackpot either. For players who have used the software, the simplicity of play has had a great appeal and number of returning clients is high.

There is a maximum of 21 coins that can be played, each coin enabling another pay line. Symbols are read from left to right for Reel 1-5, and for Reel 5-1 it is the opposite. Symbols must be in consecutive order. Whichever way you are reading the line, one symbol from the combination must be in either the corner furthest left or right. If one combination comes up on an enabled payline, then the games pays out on all combinations. There are a total of 24 winning combinations.

The lines must be bet on in sequence. You cannot choose lines 1 then 3…you have to go in order: 1, 2, 3 and so on. You can play any number of lines, but keep in mind that your payouts will be based on how far you stretch your coins. If you are betting a set amount and you spread it out over numerous lines, your winnings will be a great deal lower than if you concentrated on one line.

The maximum payout is 2500 coins for 5 Red Dragons. The Gong is next at 1000 coins for 5. The value of the credits is dictated by the denomination of the coin you bet with. The maximum jackpot is $25,000.00, which is not too shabby. There are no multipliers in this game either - unfortunately.

Special Features

There is an interesting feature on the game that allows you to set it for Autoplay. Just click on the Autoplay button and a menu will appear where you can enter the amount of coins you wish to bet. You can also set the number of spins, time delay between spins, and stop features. Once you press the start button the game will continue automatically. Of course, you can stop the play at any time.

The stop spin feature is also very popular with players.

Play for Free

The Play for Free feature allows everyone to play without betting. You have to download the software, but then you register as a Guest Player. This lets you take the video slot game a spin, so to speak, so you can experience the state-of-the-art game play. The Play for Free software is the same as that available to real money players.

If you wish, there is also a no-download version which requires no installation of software.

Tip: Choose your Online Casino Carefully

The Orient Express Video Slot game is available from a number of online casinos. The game is the same, but the features of the casinos are not. Make sure you get the best bonus for your situation, and that you check for reward programs. The importance of security, quality customer service, and dependable payouts cannot be over stressed.

That said, we suggest that you check our list of recommended online casinos to ensure that you have the very best online gambling experience possible.