10 Commandments For Casino Players

Cash Bandits 2 Slots

1. Be Penny Wise, Not Dollar Foolish!

When playing slot machines, start out betting the minimum amount until you fully understand the game. Then raise the stakes accordingly.

2. Practice Stick-tuitiveness

Don't be like slot players in land-based casinos who play several slot machines at a time. Choose a machine you like and stick to it.

3. Know Your Limit or You Will Be Limited

Set a specific amount you intend to bet at an online casino each time you play.

4. Remember Your Lines!

Never bet one line. Whether the slot game is 25 or 100 lines - play all the lines.

5. Play Nice

If you are playing a table game with others, maintain a chat that is cordial, respectful, and friendly. Thank others when they congratulate you; and congratulate others on their wins.

6. Keep the Conversations Light-hearted

During play, you may meet players from all over the world. Keep the conversations light-hearted. Don't bring up any subject that may offend or hurt others.

7. Honor the Casino Team

When chatting with live support, know they are there to help you. Be courteous and thoughtful when discussing issues.

8. Respect the Rules and Regulations of the Casino

Read the rules and regulations of the online casino completely. Also read the FAQ section to answer any questions you may have before you join and play.

9. Do Not Lie - You Won't Win

Players must be 21 years of age.

10. Do Not Allow Anyone To Use Your Name

When you sign up at any online casino, Bovada Online Casino for instance, only you can play the games. Keep your username and password safely hidden at all times.