What You Need to Know About Depositing Without a Credit Card at Gossip Slots

Depositing money with Gossip Slots is not always challenging, even if you don't own a credit card. Gossip Slots Casino offers two easy deposit methods geared towards players who want to skip the plastic. Learn more about Direct Cash and QuickCash, and find out if they are available to you.


DirectCash is an easy way to deposit money to your Gossip Slots Casino account without using a credit card. The company is a leading provider of ATM series and payment processing. It works effectively by securely transferring money from the bank account you provide to your casino account.

There are no fees with DirectCash if you transfer $200 or more. If you do not want to transfer that much, the fee is a meager $10. Not that there is a maximum transfer amount of $1,000 when you use DirectCash.

Quick Cash

Quick Cash is a service offered by Western Union. You can transfer money from your bank to Gossip Slots Casino from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer, go to your nearest Western Union branch. The agent will take your cash payment and transfer the funds directly to Gossip Slots Casino.

The minimum and maximum limits are $100 and $850 respectively. There is a $10 fee for transactions up to $100, but if you transfer at least $200, there is no fee.

Something to Consider

When you log into Gossip Slots and head to the cashier, you may notice that Visa is the only accepted deposit method for players from the United States. This doesn't mean you'll never play for real money without owning a credit card. Head to your local gift card retailer look for prepaid Visa cards. You can purchase one of these cards with cash and use that to deposit funds at Gossip Slots Casino. Just make sure that the company offering the prepaid Visa allows international transactions before you buy.