Online Casino Authorization Forms

Until you fill out an online casino authorization form, forget about withdrawing your winnings. Online casinos use authorization forms to protect themselves and verify your identity. Online casino authorization forms are time consuming to fill out, but in the end, they're meant for your and the casino's protection.

The Purpose of Online Casino Authorization Forms

The necessity of online casino authorization forms is crucial, especially in today's day and age where scammers are plentiful. The casino requires verification that you are, in fact, a legal resident of the country where you state you reside, that you're of legal age to play and that you're using a credit card that truly belongs to you and not one you've stolen.

When you sign online casino authorization forms, you must agree to all the terms. This includes terminology stating that you give up any right to dispute transactions if you've failed to follow their exact terms of service. It also acknowledges that you've read and understood all of the terms.

Terms of service generally include that if you've lied about your age or residence, you have to give up the rights to any winnings. In general, the casino authorization form is there to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Information You Must Provide on Online Casino Authorization Forms

Casino authorization forms require you to read and sign the paperwork. You'll have to fill out the information portion and include a photocopy of your photo driver's license or passport, credit card used at that casino and a photocopy of your utility bill.

For those who rent and the utility bill goes to the landlord, you'll need another piece of official mail that proves you reside at that address. A telephone, gas or water bill will suffice, but just check with the casino first to make sure they will accept the alternative.

When filling out the form, you'll need to give the casino your account number or name, legal name, date of birth, legal address, home and work phone numbers, email and banking information. Sign and date the form at the bottom.

Once you've gathered the required paperwork and filled out the form, you must e-mail or fax a copy to the online casino. They will not process your withdrawal until they have this information on file.

Benefits to the Online Casino Authorization Form

An obvious benefit to the authorization form is that you're protected from identity theft. There is an added bonus though.

In most situations, the casino you visit will increase your deposit limits once they have this important paperwork in hand. Because they have proof you are not illegally using someone else's credit card, they will increase limits allowing you to increase your wagers. This, in turn, leads to higher prize levels.