eWalletXpress casinos

When a player wants to test his luck at an online casino, one of the most frustrating things that he can face is a declined deposit. While many credit card users have faced this exact situation, not all of them are aware of the various alternative deposit methods that exist. One of those alternatives is an e-wallet by the name of eWalletXpress, which offers a safe, reliable solution for online gamblers from all over the world, especially those from the US of A.

eWalletXpress offers casino players an online account that enables them to easily deposit and withdraw funds to and from their casino player accounts. At eWalletXpress, maintaining customer security is priority #1. In order to ensure that its customers' personal information is protected in every conceivable way, eWalletXpress has developed proprietary systems that encrypt all customer information, and store it in a Tier 1 data center that is shared with leading banks and financial institutions.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds to and from your eWalletXpress Account

You can fund your eWalletXpress account through your checking account, by writing an e-check, or even by telephone through 900pay. Your initial deposit limit with eWalletXpress will be $150, but once you've validated your account, this will be increased to $800. Newcomers to eWalletXpress might not appreciate the five-day waiting period for funds to clear, which is why the company offers the option of instant access to your funds at a rate of 8.8%.

In order to withdraw funds from your eWalletXpress account, simply request a withdrawal online, or call customer service with your withdrawal request. Once your account has been validated, you'll be able to receive your funds in as little as 24 hours. Withdrawals are typically subject to a $5 fee.

eWalletXpress - a Top Option for Non-American Casino Players

eWalletXpress casinos accept players from the Canada and Europe. For any fellow Americans out there who have had their casino-related transactions declined by their credit card company, eWalletXpress is not the solution that you've been waiting for.