3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

The 3 Reel Wheel of Chance is one of Liberty Slots Casino slot machines that can grab your attention and keep you seated there until you complain of cramps. Visit Liberty Slots Casino for more information about banking system, bonuses and promotions. This game is very easy to follow and yet can be addictive too because you will most likely feel torn between stopping and continuing. Players have a hard time disengaging from this game because they know that a few more spins and they may hit the big payout anytime. Look how some people play the real slot machine after you and they hit the jackpot. You'd think had you stayed awhile, that could have been you jumping up and down with joy.

Introduction to the Game 3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots

As the name implies, this is a slot machine game with three reels plus a spine tingling bonus round. And if you're looking for games with Wild symbols that can help you make the cut for higher payout, you've come to the right game. In fact, once you hit the bonus round a player is in for guaranteed win.

Take a seat and make sure you're comfortable as you will find it hard to leave that once you start playing 3 Reel Wheel of Chance. Ready? Hit the Bet buttons, if you want to increase from the lowest to the highest or bet the maximum amount with a single click of maximum bet button. Once you're satisfied with your bet, get ready to spin the reels but this is activated automatically if you happen to choose to bet the maximum amount.

Payout Range for Symbols

The website will show you a table of payouts for 3 Reel Wheel of Chance. The twin cherries usually have the lowest credit of twice up to ten times your coin bet. If you get those twin cherries on all three reels on an activated payline, get 10 to 20 times the coin bet. There's also the bar symbols, red sevens and diamonds plus the bonus wheel symbol. The diamond happens to give payouts of 800, 1600 and 2400 times the coin bet for winners. In addition, it's also the wild symbol you'd want to see on your reels. Imagine betting $0.10 on a payline that stops on three diamonds and you get no less than $8 for that. Had you bet $10 that would have turned out to $8,000!

Where to play 3 Reel Wheel of Chance

If you don't want to download casino software, Liberty Slots Flash Casino is a place for you.

Go on and have fun with the 3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots now.