Get the Cash Grab

People have different names for it - Moolah, gelt, bucks, copper, dinero, spondulicks, greenbacks, guineas, loot, silver, gold. The many different terms used for money gives some idea of its importance (as a comparison, Americans have over 20 different terms for the generic word 'automobile' just as Eskimos can name over nine different kinds of what we generally call 'snow').

What is Cash Grab?

Cash Grab is a 3-reel bonus slot machine game available at the Liberty Slots Casino website. The game comes with only one payline so it's easier for you to see right away if you won something based on the table of payouts at the site. For a minimum bet of $0.10 coin, you can start playing this game. But if you can afford to, use 3 $10 coins for more chances to win. Watch out for the wild symbol that can double and quadruple your winnings. You can win from twice your original bet to as much as 1,600 times the same amount.

Cash Grab Slots for US Players.

The legality of the online gambling in USA is changed. Some casino providers are making decision whether to stay on the US market or not. On this site we compliment and recommend only the best online casino brands which accept players from US. Go on and try safely Cash Grab at one of the best online casinos.

Cash Grab Slots Bonus Round

The game comes with a bonus round where you can get the opportunity to win more than usual amount. Watch out for the bonus symbol which would launch the bonus game right then and there before you can continue playing the next regular round you bet on. But before that, choose one from several money bags to get additional money to your account.

Play Cash Grab Slots With Ease

You will find the game easy to follow. There are only a few buttons you need to use to be able to begin spinning the slots. But before you hit on Spin Reels, you need to finalize your bet first with the plus and minus buttons. Use Bet One if you want to choose the coin size that fits your budget or Play Max if you want to place the maximum wager for that game. Then, you're ready to play. Look for the combination that indicates a payout. If two or more winning combinations should come up, you will get the highest payout possible in this case. But should you experience a malfunction and win, payout is automatically voided.

It's really easy to "Cash Grab". You don't have to be neither casino millionaire nor casino slot veteran to see that. Simplicity and fun are two major Cash Grab Slots characteristics.

Where to Play Cash Grab Slots

To that end, if you do decide to sign up and play for money, you'll find many perks awaiting you such as the optional big signup bonus we give our new customers and our deposit match bonuses. What are you waiting for? Play and grab more games and opportunities to see your account grow with money.