Butterflies Slots

Sometimes all you want to do is play a great looking slots game with a good gaming experience. You don't always need a complex bonus slot machine to give you a good time, such as you might get at the Liberty Slots Casino. This is where Butterflies slots comes in, because you will be able to download and play a classic good game to try.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

There are five reels in play for this slots game, and twenty five paylines as well. This means you have plenty of options on how much to bet and how many lines to bet on, just as you do in other games such as the Cleopatra slot machine and the Sex in the City slot machine.

What kinds of symbols are used in the game?

When you play a game called Butterflies slots you would expect butterflies to turn up, wouldn't you? And that is exactly what will happen here. You will see butterflies appearing on the reels but they don't count as a special symbol.

Instead you get a house as the wild symbol, with the scatter symbol being depicted by a flower.

How much can you bet on this slots game?

The minimum bet is the smallest one possible, with just one cent on each payline. You can go up to ten dollars on a payline if you wish, but you have to remember to multiply that by the number of paylines you want to bet on as well.

As you can see, this gives you a total of $250 as your maximum bet on a single spin. If you want to go for this, make sure your budget can stand it and you are really happy with betting that amount before you do so.

Are there any special features in this slots game?

Unlike some other games online today such as the Kitty Glitter slot and the VIP Slot, you don't have any games or free rounds to play for in this case. But this doesn't make the game any less popular among people who like slots games online. The game is easy to play and pleasant to work with, and that results in lots of people really enjoying the experience of playing it.

So watch out for Butterflies slots today. It could be the next best game you try online today.