Eastern Dragon Slots

Among the hosts of 5 reel video slots, one will be able to find Eastern Dragon on its list which has a very Oriental taste. This interesting twist will give players a different feel of slot machine games with its eastern flavor in a western inspired game. And because all slot machine games are readily available online at Liberty Slots Casino, Eastern Dragon was included to cater to players from the eastern side of the planet as well as those who would care to try something as exotic as this.

Ease of Play Eastern Dragon Slots

Eastern Dragon is played much like any 5 reel slot machine with 20 paylines. First step would be choice of the coin bet by clicking on the buttons that would increase or decrease the coin bet according to your preference. Next up is the selection of paylines to activate. As a payline is enabled, the slot machine will place the coin bet the player selected earlier. When the player is ready, he or she can start spinning the reels with the click of the Spin button. Players who opt to play the maximum coin bet and all paylines can simply click on the Bet Max button which goes through all these steps including spinning the reels.

If you happen to have other things to do but wouldn't forego the chance to play Eastern Dragon, auto play is available. With this functionality, a player can select the number of spins he or she wants the machine to play. A player can even select the amount of time to delay a spin after the previous one so that a player will have an idea when he would expect the game to finish so he can get back to it once it's done and check on his winnings. Hit Select and auto play will run as set earlier.

Eastern Dragon Symbolic Win

All wins and perks depend on the symbols that land after each spin of the reels. In general, a player would want to see winning combinations of symbols to get a payout for each on an activated payline. In addition to that, a player may get the chance to play with additional free spins as triggered by the Dragon symbol appearing on the first and fifth reels plus winnings are tripled according to the payout table if the combination happens to come up following a free spin. It is still possible to get more free spins from a free spin although it's still the same number and not tripled. Grab your chance now and play Eastern Dragon.