Gladiator’s Gold Slots

Gladiator's Gold Slots

If you're looking towards a slots game that will remind you of the Roman Empire, then look no further than Gladiator's Gold. This game has one classical theme that has been the backdrop of movies for several times which would make it easy for other players to expect one with the slot gaming industry. This exiting game is offered by one of the best casino brands arerecommended on this site- Liberty Slots Casino.

Basics of the Game Gladiator's Gold Slots

Players are treated to a simple yet exciting game with easy to understand instructions and game rules. Gladiator's Gold comes with 5-reel slots and five lines which players can choose to play. The coin bets can be as low as $0.01 coin to as much as $10 coin bet. If a player puts in a single coin bet, this only activates the center payline. Two coin bets will enable both the center and top paylines. Three coin bets will enable the center, top and bottom paylines. Four coin bets will enable the center, top, bottom and a V-shaped payline coming from corner symbol in the top left going down to the center bottom symbol and up again to the symbol on the top right corner. Five coin bets, the maximum for the round, will enable the first four paylines described earlier plus an payline shaped like an inverted v that runs from the symbol on the bottom left going to the upper middle symbol and going back down again to the corner symbol on the right bottom. The payout table will be able to show players an illustration of the paylines for easier understanding of how this works.

Gladiator's Gold Symbols for Payouts

Players who are interested with this game should expect no less than Roman characters and things as symbols that would get a corresponding payout. The highest payouts go to at least three of the following symbols: face shield, lion, helmet, body armor and chariot symbols. Payouts for these symbols run from five times to as much as 1,000 times the coin bet. Other symbols that can win a payout for you are the axes, gladiator, shield and coliseum symbols. Get at least two to three of these symbols of the same kind and you're in for at least double your original bet to as much as 50 times.

One basic rule for reading the paylines for a payout would be that symbols should be next to each other and that it should start from reels to the leftmost or rightmost of the activated payline. It's time to pay Gladiator's Gold a visit.