Firehawk Slots

With a sleek design and a Native American theme, Fire Hawk Slots is a great looking and fun new slot game from Vegas Technology. Like several of the current new batch of Vegas Technology games, Fire Hawk Slots walks a fine line between being a strictly traditional game and being a Bonus Slot Machine. Players can find Fire Hawk at Liberty Slots Casino.

Symbols in Fire Hawk

As usual, the play symbols on Fire Hawk start off with the 10 through Ace playing card indices, but from there they get really interesting and fun. A Peace Pipe, a War Drum and a Native American Woman all show up on a regular basis, as well as a War Chief and the Fire Hawk himself!

The Chief is the Wild Card symbol, and he replaces any symbol in any winning combination except for the Fire Hawk. When he comes into play, his animation includes changing Braves dancing around a fire.

The beautiful animated Fire Hawk serves as the scatter symbol. When the Fire Hawk shows up three times or more on any active play lines, the free spins start. On Fire Hawk, the player is rewarded with 20 free spins! The free spin rounds can layer up on Fire Hawk, so players can win additional free spins during the free round. When we were playing Fire Hawk the first free spin round ended up compounding to a total of 140 spins! There is no guarantee of that, however, and other rounds ended up with just the initial 20 spins before we were back into regular play.

Treasure of the Fire Hawk

Multipliers are possible in Fire Hawk in amounts from 2X all the way up to 10X, making the maximum jackpot a rich 6000 coins. Since players may set their coin values to denominations between 1¢ and $10, the jackpot may be worth a maximum amount of $60,000!

Also, given that players may set their own coin values, Fire Hawk Slots will appeal to all players from the casual penny-slot player to the true high roller who wants to wager $250 per spin.

Automation Fire Hawk

As a Wager Technology game, Fire Hawk offers some very nice features. Notably it has an auto-play function wherein players may set the game to spin automatically up to 500 times. The best part of this auto-play feature is that players may set the speed of the spins. If a player wants to see the results of each spin, he or she may slow the spins down to as long as two seconds between each one. If they just want to get through it as quickly as possible, the players have the option of speeding the spins up to a quarter of a second between.

Give Fire Hawk a Try Tonight

Fire Hawk is a simple but elegant game. It is for players who like the slot game, not for players who expect videogames to divert them part way through. The games plays so smoothly and well, however, that the hours seem to slip by once you get into it. Head over to Liberty Slots Casino tonight, and give Fire Hawk a try!