Hot Air Video Slot

With a name like Hot Air Video Slot this site should attract attention from curiosity seekers, at least. But there is more to this location than just an interesting name. If you are a regular at online slots, give this one a chance. This newest entertainment option has already been described as "a big, high flying, 5 reel, 30 pay-line game." From the start, players should be satisfied with the design and operation. After all, Microgaming software consistently offers some of the most exciting new games. How does Hot Air fit into this already successful picture? For one thing, it carries the hot-air-balloon theme and puts the emphasis on fun with cartoon graphics. In addition, this new game, just introduced in February 2010, will be available at a large number of casinos. Microgaming provides software for dozens of top casinos, with more than 400 different games to choose from. Download and play Hot Air Video Slot at one of the best Microgaming casinos, All Slots Casino.

Not Just Hot Air

The basics of the game are: three or more hot-air balloons come up at once = 10 free spins and wins are doubled. Multipliers can provide as many as 50 "hot spins." The hot-air-balloon pilot is your "Wild" card for making winning combinations and multiplying prizes. There's even a guessing game folded in, during which players can guess the suit of a card and color of the upcoming card. Simply click on the "Gamble" button near the bottom of the game page. Hot Air Video Slot accepts bets (with mulitpliers) from 0.01 to 0.05 per line, giving the player a max of 15.00 for 30 pay lines. The jackpot can climb to almost £160,000 if all the free spins, multipliers and other features fall into place. Not only does the pilot graphic act as a "Wild" but it will help your decision making. If the pilot helps complete a win on the reels you will see it multiply x 3.

Hot Air Video Slot: New from Microgaming

As of this writing, Hot Air is one of three new games that are generating excitement among video-slot fans and those who eagerly await the latest from Microgaming. In addition to the balloon-theme challenge, the company is offering Winter Gold Slots (5-reel, 10-payline). The theme is based on four winter sports that most players will be familiar with. Added to the lineup is Love Potion Slots (5-reel, 9-payline). Yes there is a love potion involved. Now is the time to visit one of the top online casinos and try your hand at the brand new Hot Air Video Slot. Up, up and away.