Million Dollar Rally Slots

A player might take a quick glance at a game that indicates winning a few hundreds of dollars but that's quite common now in most online casinos. But most certainly, a player will make time to read a game that quotes a million dollar on it. Now, at Liberty Slots Casino there's a game called Million Dollar Rally in slot machine and one may wonder if this is actually true when playing it. Read our Liberty Slots Casino review to more information about casino promotions.

Rally Themed Slot Machine

Here is a 5 reel slot machine game with 5 paylines to enable in this racing themed game called Million Dollar Rally. With its big payouts, one may start raking in millions quick enough. Players can bet on one coin bet at a time but it would be a waste to find winning symbol combinations on paylines that weren't enabled. With its affordable coin bets, players can easily bet on all paylines at one time per round by betting maximum and increasing the chances of winning.

When you put in three coin bets, it automatically activates the first three paylines but not the last two. And the paylines are easy to discern. Payline 1 points to the horizontal line crossing reels 1 to 5 right in the middle of the upper and lower lines. The upper horizontal line corresponds to payline 2 while the one on the bottom is payline 3. Paylines 4 and 5 are V-shaped with the first coming from the top leftmost corner symbol down to the bottom center symbol and back up to the top rightmost symbol. Payline 5 is the mirror image of payline 4.

Winning Combinations at Million Dollar Rally Slots

For winning combinations to get a payout, the symbols should be all next to each other without skipping a reel. In addition, the symbol could start from reel 1 going to the right or from reel 5 going to the left. So for winning combinations that require at least three symbols, they should fall on reels 1 to 3 or reels 3 to 5 to get paid out. Combinations falling on reels 2 to 4 failed to satisfy the other condition so payout is not counted in this case.

Check on the payout table to see what the trophy, dollars, blue car, red car, green car, seven, tire, flags and cherries symbols correspond to. Then hope that you'd see the right combinations on your reels to race to that million dollar goal.

</> If you don't want to download casino software on your computer, Flash version of this wonferful game is a place for you.