Bovada Withdrawal Options

Bovada Casino

Bovada delivers cash outs faster than its competitors, offers a wide range of betting options and accepts USA customers. Bovada delivers checks in 1-2 weeks when many of their competitors take several weeks and some even months. Rapid Transfer payouts take a maximum of 24 business hours, after which you can collect your withdrawal at a local Moneygram location.

How Much Money Do You Need To Withdraw From Bovada?

For check withdrawals the amount is $20-$3,000. For Rapid Transfer withdrawals are $100-$750.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw From Bitcoin?

Approximately 15 minutes from when your funds are processed and deducted from your account. It can take up to 48 hours for your withdrawal to be approved. You will get an email in your account messages once approved.

Bovada Withdrawal Bitcoin

Requesting a Bitcoin withdrawal at Bovada can be done in three easy steps. Log into your account, click on your balance at the top of the page, and then click 'Withdraw'. Choose Bitcoin as your method from the drop-down menu. Enter your personal Bitcoin wallet address, your Mother's maiden name and the amount you wish to withdraw. Agree to the disclaimer by checking the circle, then click 'Request Withdrawal'. Your pending withdrawal is then marked as 'Requested'. Only 1 Bitcoin withdrawal can be requested every 3 days and only one withdrawal can be requested at a time. Always generate a new wallet address for each withdrawal request. Always withdraw to your personal bitcoin wallet. Never transact directly to or from an exchange. Bovada will charge a handling fee for withdrawals less than $20.

How Can I Deposit Money on Bovada?

Funding your account is quick, safe and secure. Log into your account and click on the balance amount on the top right-hand corner of the page. Select the deposit method you want to use from the drop down menu. Enter the amount you wish to deposit along with the required information based on the selected deposit method, and then click "Deposit". You can fund your Bovada account with Bitcoin or Visa, MasterCard, American Express and select Visa Gift Cards.

Bovada Fees

Your first deposit made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express is free. A 5.9% fee will be charged on all subsequent Visa or MasterCard deposits, a 9.9% fee will be charged on all subsequent Amex deposits. Credit card issuing banks are responsible for determining how a transaction is processed, which may result in some transactions being processed as cash advances. Your bank may charge a fee of up to a 3% International Service or Currency Conversion on any transaction made with an international merchant. There are no fees for Bitcoin deposits. Limits are based on the deposit method chosen. Visa/MasterCard require a minimum deposit of $20 but a max of $1,500. Bitcoin deposit minimums are $10 with a max of $5,000.

Bovada Payout Problems

There are reported delay issues at Bovada in 2008 and again in 2011. In 2008, Maryland DOJ and IRS seized $25 million of Bodog's money as the dollars were sitting on their payment processor's account. An undercover agent registered an account at Bodog and made two cashouts during the year of 2007, which helped the IRS to seize the money. Bovada claims that the 2011 issue was due to changing payment processors in order to deliver checks faster in future which then slowed down current check processing. There have been no issues since.

Bovada Check by Courier

If you made a credit card deposit, you can withdraw the money as a check. To be eligible for a withdrawal after having made a credit card deposit, you must complete the credit card verification form on Bovada's website. The first check withdrawal of each month is free. If you want to cash out more than once a month, the rest of the cash outs cost $50 each. Check by Courier is the preferred method of payment. Couriered check is a safe and secure option that is delivered directly to your door via courier service. Your signature will be required upon delivery. The average payment processing time frame is 10 to 15 business days. Couriered checks are issued in a maximum of $3,000 increments. Payments over this amount will be sent out in $3,000 increments every 7 business days. Multiple pending couriered checks under the maximum may be combined, totaling up to $3,000. You are entitled to one free payment every 90 days. Each additional check will incur a specified fee.