Royal Caribbean Slots

Royal Caribbean is a traditional three-reel, three payline slot game that conjures images of the era of Caribbean exploration. This is an elegant game with simple and charming graphics. It is very much in the spirit of Liberty Slots Casino.

The Look of the Caribbean

Royal Caribbean greets players with an image of ornate renaissance era arch and a lady of the renaissance. The color scheme of the game is an antique and slightly faded dark blue, burgundy and tan, making for a very appealing look.

As is customary on traditional slot games, the payout list is fixed, this time on the right side of the screen, so it is ready for quick reference.

The sounds of Royal Caribbean are the simple casino white noise that accompanies most traditional slot games. When the machine is operating, that is overlaid by the whirring, beeping an clinking of an old-style slot machine game.

Regal Images

Royal Caribbean employs images reminiscent of the early days of exploration and the royal court. The low end images are Dancing Jesters, Horsemen and hands. For the higher end, the images are Traditional Kings, Jesters and Kings.

Additionally, when the King appears on any payline, a small payout is made, doubling the bid back to the player.

A King's Ransom

Players may establish coin values to denominations ranging from 10¢ to $10. The game has three paylines, and a single coin may be bet on each, so the maximum bet can range from 30¢ to $30 per spin. When playing three coins per spin, the maximum payout is 1600 coins, or a tempting $16,000 if playing $10 coins! Even at the 10¢ level, the maximum payout is worth a generous $160.

That big jackpot is triggered when three kings show up on the payline. The secondary jackpot of 150 coins is triggered by three Jesters, and the third level payout is 90 coins, and that one is triggered by three Traditional Kings.

Given the fairly low bets and payouts on this game, it is not really targeted at high rolling players, but more at players seeking a low to moderate level of risk with commensurately modest payouts.

A Royal Good Time!

Though a lower-risk game, we found Royal Caribbean to be an excellent and well playing game as we have come to expect from Wager Gaming. We recommend that you get settled in your favorite gaming chair with your favorite gambling foods and beverages, and play Royal Caribbean slots for real money tonight!