Atomic Jackpot Slot

Have a blast with the traditional slot Atomic Jackpot that will keep you clicking on the spin buttons. One just can't stop since the sounds and exceptional graphics continue to make players feel like they need to keep going at it until they finally hear the big bang. Do not be afraid to try this slot machine game if you haven't been introduced to it yet. Any other casino player will be the first to tell you that this game will not cause you any headache when it comes to understanding how it's played and how it works. Read out casino review where this game is available and start to play: Liberty Slots Casino.

Atomic Jackpot Slot Step by Step

And since you need to brush up on your slot machine game before heading to playing Atomic Jackpot, one could start getting familiar with how it's played and get the ball rolling. There would be 3 reels to play on this game. Before spinning the reels, players need to determine the coin size from $0.10 up to $10. There would be appropriate buttons to click on to increase or decrease the coin size. If the coin size has hit the maximum, the count circles back to the lowest.

The second factor to determine is the number of coin bets and there's only 1 to 5 for this game which corresponds to the number of paylines that a player can enable. After a player is satisfied with these choices, he can then move ahead with hitting the Spin button so one can now start holding his breath until the reels finally rest. One can easily do all these steps with Bet Max but the only bets allowed in this scenario are the maximum coin size and the maximum enabled paylines.

Atomic Jackpot Unique Symbol Rule

One quick look at the payout table will not tell a player too many details because there would only be 1 symbol that would indicate a winning combination. The most payout goes to seeing Atomic Jar symbols three times on the center payline ranging from 500 to 2,500 which corresponds to the number of coin bets (1 to 5). Seeing a single Atomic Jar symbol anywhere can get a player twice up to 10 times their coin size they wagered on, again depending on the number of coin bets.

Ride the game and see how much fun it can be with a few clicks here and there. Next thing you know, you'd see your credits go up quicker than you thought.