Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Are you a good girl or a bad girl? both have special attribute on this slots game. The game has 15 betting paylines and 5 reels that the whole game unfolds. This game offers a low risk as well as a high risk variance or both you the player has the choice. This concept will please almost all players. The concept of the game is a good girl angel on the players shoulder or the bad girl angel contradicting the good angel. By moving a dial you can also choose to play left to right or right to left and if you place the dial in the center it will give you the opportunity to play both.

Having the choice of good girl side and bad girl side players can choose options for winning for instance the good girl side pays out more often than the bad girl side and the wild wins give a 1-2x multiplier, however th bad girl side does not give as many wins but the wild wins multipliers can give a 1-4x. If you hit five wilds on the bad girl side then it pays out 1,000 coins, and five wilds on the good girl side pays out half that.

If you play both good girl and bad girl sides you will be playing double coins and effectively playing on a 30 payline game. If you hit a big win like I did on the bad girl side, with two wilds on one 2x and one 4x, it hit a 560 coin win. The bad girl will fly over to the good girl an give her a present she opens the box and falls to the ground while the bad girl does a merry dance across the reels. If the big win i n the good girl side then she will trigger lightening to hit the bad girl. The animations on the game are very good and pretty realistic.

The bonus game

The bonus game is the Money Wheel logo, getting three across the 1, 3 and 5th reels will trigger the bonus game. Whether you are playing good girl or bad girl you will be presented with a wheel on the right is a spin button and the wheel will spin, depending on where it lands you could win money amounts, free spins or the jackpot.

To gamble or not to gamble

That is the question players must decide if they want to take a chance on doubling up on a win, they will be presented with the two angels movng to a new screen and you get to chooe a good or bad girl toss of the coin, choose wisely, if you win you will double your win of you choose unwisly you lose the win altogether. The animation are quite fantastic and you will want to try the double up just to watch them perform.

The Click Me Feature

There is a click me feature that will be triggered, if the halo and the pitchfork appear together. Click on the presents, blue and white for the good girl and red and black for the bad girl, there is a click me button to start this feature, and you will be taken to a new screen, and presented with 5 click me boxes one will be highlighted, will you go to the next round or end the game, only you can choose if it happens.

Play automatically

Auto play gives you the options to set good girl or bad girl or both, plus the number of spins that will automatically play. Please note that the gamble feature is disabled during the autoplay.

The progressive jackpots

There are two progressive jackpots one on the good girl side and one on the bad girl side. This is won in the money wheel bonus game you can get one of the jackpots in the spin of the wheel.