Wacky Wedding Slots

Wacky Wedding is part of the family of new video slot games produced by Rival. This one is themed as a silly, cartoon wedding populated by all the familiar players that one might find at a wacky, wacky wedding!

Wacky Symbols

Wacky Wedding is illustrated, as is typical of Rival slot games, with cartoon images. Despite the cartoonishness of the figures, they are creatively done and they offer a wide variety of original images as symbols for the game.

The symbols used are the Wedding Cake, the Bridal Bouquet, Champagne, a sexy Bride and a nervous Groom.

Wacky Bonus Games

The two Scatter symbols in Wacky Wedding result in different side games. The Bouquet results in up to 75 free spins. The free spin round may result in additional free spins or the bonus game may be won during a free spin round.

The Wacky Wedding Bonus Round plays like a simple video game. The Bride is standing before a gathering of bridesmaids and wedding guests, and is tossing the bouquet over her shoulder. The amount of the winnings is dependent on which character catches the bouquet.

Wacky Winnings

The player can set the coin value on Wacky Wedding to values ranging from 1¢ to 10¢ and up to ten coins may be bet on each of the twenty paylines, so this machine has a limited range of bets per spin, but it ranges from the very modest up to the moderately rich. It is not a game that will be appealing to the true high rollers, but the range is suitable for any casual to the fairly high level player.

The big jackpot on Wacky Wedding is 1500 coins or $150 at the 10¢ level. Again, while not appealing to high rollers, it is a very nice reward for the more casual player.

Wacky Way to Spend an Evening

Like all of Rival's video slots, Wacky Wedding is a terrific, high speed slot game that is fun for all slot lovers, but is aimed specifically at the Generation Y crowd who grew up on videogames. It is not too expensive to play it hard, and the side game is really fun. Additionally, unlike most side games, a little skill can be developed with play, giving a little edge to players with experience.

So head over to your favorite Rival casino now and start spinning the reels on this wacky slot game, Wacky Wedding!

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