Alien Invasion Slot

Alien Invasion Slots

Slot games are one of the categories of online casino games. Slot games are played by many people and slots games are more popular than any other online casino games. Slot games are machines games. The winning generally depends on the luck of the player and not the skill. Among the slot games Alien invasion Slot game is one of the most popular slots among women's. The name of the game itself tells us that it is related to aliens and Alien is the main character of the game. Alien Invasion slot graphics and background sounds are so interesting and fabulous, that can inspire your imagination and to take you back thousands years ago! Not only new players but experiences also play this game again and again. The game is available at Liberty Slots Casino powered by Wager Gaming.

Alien Invasion Slot strategy

The traditional slot Alien Invasion gives you the experience for minimum 10 cents to $30. You can select 3 coins and bet on 1 coin (till the total of your coins does not exceed 30 dollars). You can check your combination without any difficulty as there is only one pay line. As the Alien Invasion slot has only 3 spinning reels you can easily make out whether the winner has won by spins or not.

Wild multiplier symbol

Want to be the caught, then you must be prepared by having a laser gun. In Alien Invasion Slot the laser gun is a wild symbol which gives you the higher chance for winning combinations and double payout. There exist 8 winning combinations.There is only one pay- line so there will not be difficult to check combination. If more than one combination falls on played pay-lines, winnings are paid out on the highest combination only. If you want to stop spinning use Stop spin feature, with this you can stop the reel spinning at any time.

Alien Invasion Slot payout structure

Pay-Line Combinations1 Coin2 Coins3 Coins
3 Laser Guns50010002000
3 Spaceships100200300
3 Galaxy50100150
3 Planets255075
3 Tentacle Aliens102030
3 Sharp Tooth Aliens81624
3 Insect Aliens5812
Any 1 Alien Face on Pay-Line246

If you are dreaming of aliens in this world, then the Alien Invasion Slot is a perfect game for you.