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A lot of your favorite online casinos give you the chance to play the specialty game, Bingo Bucks. Bingo Bucks has five rows and five columns and 12 pay-lines. Bingo Bucks pays out like a slot machine that you can play it at casinos like Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots Casino. If you love Bingo Bucks, then try Bingo cards at BingoFun.

Whether you grew up playing Candy Land Bingo or you have just discovered this great game, playing online is and easy and fun way to get a little excitement in your day.

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With the most advanced bingo software on the internet, BingoFun gives you the best online bingo experience. Just click the Buy button of your favorite game or use the Auto Buy option. Auto Buy allows you to pick as many cards as you want for as many games as you like. You can even set your preferences to stop when you win a jackpot or when your funds reach a certain level.

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