Pitbull Casino

Playing in an online casino is fun and is now becoming a known way of relaxing and having fun with friends and colleagues. With vast growing number of online casinos these days, players are getting a hard time to choose the right one for them; like the ones with fair gaming system, good customer service and all the perks that make your gaming experience a great one. Good thing that new online casinos appear in the internet pretty often, like Pitbull Casino. Bad thing that not all of them are honest as they should be.

Now, check this out:

Pitbull casino has been closed completely

Yes, that's true. Pitbulll casino does not exists any more. Any attempt to retrieve the money from the Pitbull casino and poker room failed so far. It basically means that people who trusted Pitbull have their money hosted now by unknown person who just took responsibility over the casino. Well responsibility probably not the right word - nobody got a penny so far.

That's exactly what makes online gambling look bad in the public opinion. Fishy tactics, unclear rules, bad service - just to name a few.

The bottom line is - Pitbull Casino is dead.

Good Pitbull Casino replacement

With the closing of Pitbull Casino, we recommend you join the ever popular US friendly online casino brands:

Games that can be played in Pitbull Casino

With lots of games including table games, slot games, video poker, keno, and scratch, one will surely find the right fun games that suits best for him or her in Pitbull Casino. If you ever find yourself in the position that you do not have any idea of what to play in Pitbull Casino, we have listed a few of our favorite games in this wonderful and fun casino.

Pitbull Gaming Casinos That Accept Players From The USA

One of the known casinos powered by Pitbull Gaming is the Pitbull Casino and it proudly welcomes players from the USA with lots of comfortable banking options for them to choose from like bank wire, check, moneybookers, Neteller, and more.

When it comes to bonuses, Pitbull Casino has the 100% Welcome Bonus, $20 free no deposit bonus amongst others.

Play your favorite casino games at Pitbull Casino now with ease, for it does not require any downloading and it works out well with windows, Linux, and Macintosh.