Juicy Vegas Casino

About Juicy Vegas Casino

Juicy Vegas casino is a newer online establishment that specializes in offering an excellent selection of slot games, along with some additional extras. This instant-play online casino can be accessed by players from all around the world, and it works well to give gamblers the features that they want as well. Players have access to exciting rewards programs and promotions as members of the site, but even non-members will enjoy access to the different games that the site has to offer in free-play mode.

Made from the Best Software

Juicy Vegas casino is built on top of Realtime Gaming software, which is why the site operates so smoothly and offers such a nice mix of gambling options as well. Realtime Gaming is a well-respected software provider in the gambling industry and is a real tool that many people around the world rely on today. With games at some of the highest rated online casinos around today, it's a good thing when you find out that Realtime Gaming is the supplier for a casino. Gamblers that use the site can access the huge library of games available. They also have access to exciting features that aren't available on other platforms just yet. Realtime Gaming is a power house in the gambling industry, and by joining Juicy Vegas you will have access to all these different features for yourself.

Are Players from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia Accepted?

Yes and no. While players from most of the world are free to play at Juicy Vegas casino, there are some limitations about who can play at the site. Gamblers from Canada and Australia can join the site and take advantage of the different features as much as they like. There are players in parts of the United States and Europe that will run into limitations. If you're a gambler from one of these areas in the world, make sure that you look closely at specific countries or states that are limited before you try and join the site.

Many Different Casino Games

With access to slots, table games, video poker games and more at Juicy Vegas casino, the site is rich with different gambling options for players to take advantage of. Serious gamblers will love all the options that they have to use, and even casual gamblers can appreciate the selection. New games are added regularly and the library is always improving and expanding to help attract new players that want to make the most of the experience.

3-Reel and 5-Reel Slots Galore

Slot gambling is one of the most popular types of wagering today, and Juicy Vegas has a strong focus on slots. There are hundreds of different slot games to choose from on the site, including classic slots and modern-day video slots. If you are interested in trying out many different types of slot games and using different themed games, you can do all of that and more at Juicy Vegas casino.

Try Games Immediately For Free

It's rare to find online casinos that let players try the games before they spend any money, but that's exactly what you get when you join Juicy Vegas. The site allows gamblers to load the different slots and table games and test them out immediately without spending any money in the process. It's even possible to begin testing games without going through a registration process. That's very helpful when trying to find games you enjoy, and it makes it easy to get started as a new player on those sites.

A Simple Signup Process

Even though this casino makes it easy to test out games without risking real money in the process, it also makes it easy for the gamblers that want to wager with real money as well. That means if you are interested in putting down some real money bets, you can do that as well easily. Simply sign up for an account with the casino and complete the registration process by checking your email address. After you are registered, go to the banking section of the site and complete a deposit into the casino to start playing for real money. If you go through that step you will be ready to wager real money and to gamble online and try to win big.

Test out New Slot Games Regularly

New slot games aren't added every day, or even every week, but there are regular updates to the casino that can help you test out new releases often. If you're the sort of player that thoroughly enjoys playing around with a brand-new slot game, you'll enjoy all the different releases put out by Realtime Gaming. Each month or two you will see some new slot games show up on the site. You can test these games out and enjoy brand-new ways of wagering as well. Who knows, maybe one of these new releases will become a new favorite for you as well.

Rewarding Welcome Bonus and Daily Offers

Members of Juicy Vegas get rewarded handsomely just for joining and making their first four deposits into the casino. Over those initial four deposits gamblers can get up to $500 per deposit from a 200% deposit bonus. That's not the only reward that's available to players either. Gamblers can also unlock exciting daily offers that lead to major payouts and prize-winning opportunities. Long-term gamblers can walk away with some exciting wins and bonuses just for being regular members of the casino and repeat players online.

Now Offering Online Slot Tournaments

Juicy Vegas is now among one of the online casinos that is offering slot tournaments. Slot tournaments are special contests that challenge different players to try and earn the most while playing an online slot game. These tournaments are offered in different durations and at different prize levels as well. Players buy into the tournaments and then the best performing players will come away with an extra prize payout from the tournament prize pool at the end. Tournaments make old slots more exciting and give gamblers something else to look forward to as they play online.

A Wide Range of Payouts

Members of Juicy Vegas have access to a huge variety of prize payouts to choose from. That means that gamblers can unlock small and large payouts depending on the games they select and their luck. Progressive jackpot slot games give gamblers an opportunity for the biggest prize payouts overall rewarding players with potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. Table games and classic slots offer more reserved prize payouts and leave gamblers with smaller victories to celebrate. Either way, there is a lot of money to be made at Juicy Vegas casino online.

Promising Loyalty Rewards

Watch your cash back benefits increase and the total number of comp points that you earn go up as you make your way up through the Loyalty Program at Juicy Vegas. The casino rewards frequent gamblers and long-time regulars for playing at the site and gives them comp points while also allowing them to work to higher and higher levels of the rewards program. The highest level players will win more frequently, unlock larger payouts and have a better time on the casino than the other players do. There are four different rewards levels, and regular players will move through those levels over time to unlock additional rewards.

Mobile Play is Available

There's nothing like the freedom of being able to play your favorite casino games anywhere you like with an internet connection. The modern platform that Juicy Vegas is built on makes it possible to do that from anywhere you like. The site will work on most mobile devices and you don't even have to worry about going through an app download to get things running. There are no apps for Juicy Vegas, and instead the site will work in a mobile browser. If you have a mobile device made in the last few years, chances are good that it will work just fine for playing on the site once it is loaded up. It's easier than ever to wager on the go with this excellent mobile support.

An Instant Play Platform

The whole site is developed into one big instant play platform. This platform runs immediately when you visit the Juicy Vegas website online using any device. It doesn't matter if you are on a mobile or a full-sized computer. The site will load up and give you access to its different features. The platform that Juicy Vegas casino is built on makes getting started wagering simple and fast, and it makes gambling online more enjoyable than ever as well.

No Registration is Required

Registration is a simple process that takes only a couple minutes to go through, but even that isn't required to enjoy the features of this online casino. Sure, if you want to wager using real money you will have to go through the registration process. If you want to play using play money that step isn't even necessary though. Instead, you can just visit Juicy Vegas in your web browser and start playing the different games online from there. You can't play for real money using this method, but you can get started gambling online almost immediately. If you decide to start playing for real money you'll only have to go through the quick registration process to get going.

Start Playing Instantly

Juicy Vegas is designed to help players skip over the download process and straight to the fun. There are no game downloads to worry about when playing at this casino or any app or platform downloads either. Instead, gamblers can join the site, click the game they want to play, and start playing immediately. That's because Juicy Vegas using an instant-play design. The games load in the web browser and can be played immediately. This makes it easy to swap between different devices and allows devices that don't support software downloads to still play the different games and to give gamblers full functionality at Juicy Vegas casino.

No Sports Betting Option

Sports betting is a favored gambling option for many players around the world, but it's not an option at Juicy Vegas casino. While the site offers an excellent mix of slot games, table games, video poker games, progressive jackpot alternatives and even some specialty games, there are no sports betting options. Gamblers that want this sort of option will have to look to other sites to meet their needs instead. There are many sportsbooks from around the world to choose from. Take a look at these different options and pick the one you are most interested in.

Get the Latest News Easy

Hearing about the latest news and updates for Juicy Vegas is simple to do. Just visit the casino website and look at the home page regularly. News updates and information about new promotions is put up right on the site. If you check back with the Juicy Vegas website occasionally you will always know about the latest developments and what to expect from the site.

No Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer games, or games with a dealer over webcam that you can see are good and bad. These games are exciting and immersive, but they run slower than traditional arcade-style table games. Juicy Vegas has decided not to offer live dealer games on its site for this reason. Gamblers that prefer live dealer games will have to rely on a different online casino in order to access that feature. There is a decent selection of standard table games on the site, including games like Super 21, Blackjack, Pontoon, Pai Gow, Stud Poker, Hold'em Poker, Baccarat and more to choose from.

Standard Banking Methods

A good mix of deposit and withdrawal methods make banking at Juicy Vegas a pain-free process. Gamblers that want to get started quickly can do so using credit or debit cards or eWallet services. Players with a bit more time can use services like bank transfers or wires to their gambling account. Each of these different methods work well at the casino, but some are faster and more effective than others are. eWallet services are one of the fastest withdrawal methods available today along with cryptocurrency withdrawals. If you don't mind waiting it's also possible to take money out through a bank transfer. Withdrawals take a day or two to initiate, then you have to wait for the transaction to complete before your money will be made available.

Cryptocurrency Works Well Here

Bitcoin is a respected cryptocurrency and an accepted payment method at Juicy Vegas online casino. Players that prefer to use Bitcoin for their transactions will be right at home on the site and will find it quick and easy to make their deposits and their withdrawals. If you want to use something like Bitcoin you'll be impressed by just how easy it is to do that.

Help is Available Immediately

It can be frustrating to run into a problem you aren't sure how to solve. That's why customer support is always available for you to access and to ask for help. The support team is available through live chat, and can be reached during the day right from the Juicy Vegas website. Simply click on the live chat button and a dialogue will open up getting you access to help right then. There is also email support if you would like help without talking live. Either way, help is available at Juicy Vegas casino.